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11 Indoor Houseplants That Purify the Air Around You

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

Many of you may have ideas to purify the air or find places to go out daily to spend some time to breathe the purified air.  But how many of us really work or find out ways to take that first step to purify the indoor air which is more polluted than outdoor. Everyone is fond of houseplants but do you know growing indoor houseplants can purify the air. In the early 80’s Nasa and other scientific research proves that indoor houseplants are the best way you can grow to purify the air. These plants help in filtering common volatile organic compounds. Here we suggest making a leisure stop in the home by growing the houseplants that can help clean and purify the air where your home promises to be ‘the’ best breathing place to be.


indoor houseplants 1


# Rubber Plant

Air Purifier, this indoor plant is easier to grow, powerful eliminator of toxin and helps in cleaning the air. It doesn’t need much sunlight or any specific climate can easily be maintained and grow as houseplant. Rubber plant adds beauty in your home too.


indoor houseplants 2


# English Ivy Plant

This plant can easily grow in home with low sunlight and temperature, most helpful in absorbing formaldehyde and fecal matter and helps in filtering the home by absorbing harmful chemicals produced by mostly cleaning products.


indoor houseplants 3


# Bamboo Palm Plant

This plant also comes in top list of houseplant which not only add attraction to your home but also helps in filtering out toxins like trichloroethylene, benzene etc.


indoor houseplants 4


# Aloevera Plant

Aloevera famous for its many fruitful reasons also works in purifying the air of your home. Though this grows in sunlight still it has many properties to remove harmful chemicals from the indoor environment. It filters and cleans up the air pollution which is found many cleaning products made of chemicals. So it better to grow this natural doctor and soothe your skin, hairs and even breathe with its natural gel.


indoor houseplants 5


# Snake Plant

This is again a best indoor houseplant grows in dim light and less water. This is the rarest plant that do the process of releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide in the night. It can be the best air purifier of your bedroom.


indoor houseplants 6


# Peace Lily

Who doesn’t want to grow this beautiful flower plant in the house but do you know this peace lily can lowers down the toxins level in the air too. It grows with low maintenance, low sunlight and low temperature.


indoor houseplants 7


# Spider Plant

This plant you can see in most houses but very few know the benefit of this indoor plant. It doesn’t need any maintenance at all, even you can grow and forget for many days and this will be doing its work of purifying the air at home by filtering benzene, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde present in home environment.


indoor houseplants 8


# Philondendron Plant

Because of its vines and heart shaped leaves this plant is most admired for indoor areas of home. This too doesn’t need much care. It absorbs formaldehyde while consuming less water and sunlight.


indoor houseplants 9


# Golden Pothos Plant

Like Philondendron this golden pothos plant clears and absorbs from the air the formaldehyde. It adds beauty to your living room as this is a hanging pattern plant whose leaves goes down and looks beautiful. Golden pothos needs low sunlight and temperature.


indoor houseplants 10


# Mother in laws tongue Plant

This plant filters infects which is found in almost all cleaning products, toilet paper, wipes, tissues etc. needs low maintenance, low light, humid state. This plant is best to grow nearby bathroom.


indoor houseplants 11


# Red-Edged Dracaena

This plant grows around 15 foot is mostly planted in homes for decorating purpose. It looks beautiful and above all filters toxins which include, hydroelectricity, xylene and formaldehyde. It needs sunlight and goes up to the height of ceiling. This looks good in corner or windows.

This is not only for indoor plant lovers but for all of us who find places to take a deep breathe of purified air. Why not start with our home, just go through the list, take care of these plants requirements and grow in your home to make your home go green, go purified and go stress free. So if you really want to go organic, grow houseplants, filter toxins and other chemicals this will not only make you home a relaxing space but also make your life healthier.



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