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108: How to Talk About Your Personal Habits in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

We all enjoy to eat or drink certain things—even when, sometimes, they are not good for us! Too much of one things cannot be good, but it’s often hard to stop eating or drinking them. Tell your friends about some of your habits, or listen to theirs!

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) To talk about doing something excessively

(ii) How to tell others that you drink or eat too much of things you like

Dialogue: Colleagues in the office are discussing drinking coffee:

A: 我得再来一杯咖啡。Wǒ dé zàilái yībēi kāfēi.

I need another cup of coffee.

B: 哇塞!你这一上午都喝了5杯了!Wasāi! Nǐ zhè yī shàngwǔ dōu hēle 5 bēile!

Wow, you have already had 5 cups this morning!

A: 唉,你还不知道我是重度咖啡控么?Āi, nǐ hái bù zhīdào wǒ shì zhòngdù kāfēi kòng me?

Hey, don’t you know I am seriously addicted to coffee?

B: 从现在起,你要减少到每天3杯。从现在起,你要减少到每天3杯。

From now on, you should reduce to 3 cups per day.

A: 但是我控制不住啊。咖啡实在是太好喝了!Dànshì wǒ kòngzhì bù zhù a. Kāfēi shízài shì tài hǎo hēle!

But I can’t control myself. Coffee tastes so delicious.

B: 唉,真拿你没办法。Āi, zhēn ná nǐ méi bànfǎ.

Ai, I’ll have nothing to do with you.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:





5杯:five cups

不知道:don’t know

重度:severe, serious

从现在起:from now on

你要:you need to


每天:every day



控制不住:cannot control

实在:indeed, actually

好喝:good to drink

真拿你没办法:I’ll have nothing to do with you

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