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101: How to Talk About Some Important Life Events in Mandarin Chinese

By Learnmandarinnow

Most people have certain landmarks in their life—academic success, getting their first real job, getting married and so on. Can you tell others about some of your achievements or understand when they are talking about some of their own life events?

In this Podcast, you will learn:

(i) How to discuss some of the key things which may have happened in your life

(ii) To listen when others explain about some of their landmark events

Dialogue: Four different people talk about the different stages of their life:

A:我现在是大学四年级的学生,今年就要毕业了。Wǒ xiànzài shì dàxué sì niánjí de xuéshēng, jīnnián jiù yào bìyèle.

I am now a fourth year student. This year I am going to graduate。

B:周娜和刘伟谈恋爱谈了差不多四年多。去年,他俩终于结婚了。Zhōu nà hé liú wěi tán liàn’ài tánle chàbùduō sì nián duō. Qùnián, tā liǎ zhōngyú jiéhūnle.

Zhou Na and Liu Wei had been dating for more than four years. Last year, they finally got married.

C:前几天,我刚给我老爸过完六十大寿。他现在很享受他的退休生活。Qián jǐ tiān, wǒ gāng gěi wǒ lǎo bàguò wán liùshí dàshòu. Tā xiànzài hěn xiǎngshòu tā de tuìxiū shēnghuó.

A couple of days ago, I celebrated my Dad’s 60th birthday. Now he is really enjoying his retirement.

D:老板夸我工作很出色,要提拔我做部门经理。哈哈。我又升一级!Lǎobǎn kuā wǒ gōngzuò hěn chūsè, yào tíbá wǒ zuò bùmén jīnglǐ. Hāhā. Wǒ yòu shēng yī jí!

My boss complimented me on my outstanding work and promoted me to Department Manager. Now I am a higher grade.

Chinese words and phrases mentioned in this Podcast:



四年级:(university) fourth year

今年:this year

就要:going to



四年多:more than 4 years

前几天:a couple of days ago

老爸:casual way to say father

六十大寿:60th birthday






工作:work, job



部门经理:department head


一级:one grade

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