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10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Dog

By Alison_wood @midnight_eden

adopt_a_dogAdopting a dog can be a positive and rewarding experience but if you’re not fully convinced then this is where I come in to help. I’m going to give you my top 10 reasons you should adopt a dog. So I think that’s enough explaining and I should just get on with things!

1.   Money Saving

I know what you’re thinking here, how can adopting a dog save you money? Well the short answer is most animal shelters just require a small donation to be made and is much more cheaper then purchasing one from a pet store.

This is perfect for saving the pennies in the age when saving money is everything. Plus, I’m sure many of us would rather donate money to helping unfortunate animals rather than give money to a business where most of it will be profit rather than invested back into the animals. You want to help the other abandoned dogs don’t you?

2.   A Friend

We all know the saying “a dog is a man’s best friend” correct? Well some may debate and argue with that but one thing that is clear that dogs absolutely love anyone and everyone.

Each has their own individual personality and features that make them that one of a kind pet. Everyone forms their own friendship with their family pooch and this is what makes them so lovable. This is perfect if you have children because dogs love attention and kids love animals! The perfect friendship I think.

3.   Exercise

Looking to do a little more exercise or just get out more? Well then you’ll need a partner to go with you! Dogs love the outdoors and as soon as you grab their lead and say them magic words they are straight at your feet excited and ready to go.

Whether you’re looking to just do a daily walk around the block, afternoon in the park or even a run on the beach then a dog will never let you down, even if the weather is awful these canines don’t care! Think of them as an excuse and reason to get out and do some of that exercise you have been telling yourself you will begin.

4.   A Good Deed

It’s always good to do something nice and benefit someone or something else. Adopting a dog is the perfect way to do this.

You’re going into an animal shelter and choosing one pooch out of many. You’re giving a dog a better quality of life by providing a loving family for him or her. As I said, dogs love attention and they need that on a regular basis as well as love of course! You’re donations will also ensure the shelter can continue its work rescuing dogs and providing food and water for them.

5.   Training

Depending on the background of the dog you choose sometimes they might have already been house trained. This is perfect if you are looking to bring an animal into your home and not have to worry about their behaviour.

Animal shelters will normally also be able to tell you if a dog is good with children. After all you want to make sure the dog you choose has the right personality and friendliness to fit into the family without the worry of safety for your children or visitors.

6.   Security

A dog’s bark is enough to scare of intruders who are up to no good so you can consider a dog as a family night guard alerting you when something is not right.

You’re family home may be safe as it is but sometimes the wrong people up to no good might see an opportunity you have given them and just take it. Having a dog means that you have that little more protection. Think of a dog like a burglar alarm, smoke alarm (make sure you have one) and intruder alarm and security guard all in one! Your canine friend will protect your family and possessions, keeping everyone and everything safe unless of course they are like my dog Patch who just loves everyone and anyone regardless of intentions!

7.   Support

Shelters often offer you support and guidance if you need it ensuring you take care of your dog properly. This is perfect if you are new to the world of becoming a dog owner.

They will help you with the correct food to feed your dog, medical checks, and vaccinations and of course give you some training tips and advice. They do this because they can see firsthand every day what can happen when owners don’t look after their dogs properly which is the reason why homeless animal shelters are running today.

8.   Stop Overpopulation

Purchasing your puppy from a pet store will only increase the issue of overpopulation in the dog world. There are too many dogs and not enough owners. The reason people keep breeding dogs is because they are always in demand.

Think of it like this. Most people go to purchase their dog from a pet store and in order to replace stock the breeders breed more. The problem lies where owners cannot tell the temperament, shape or size of the puppies and they grow up and have to be given to the shelters because they are not suitable for homes. It’s a deadly cycle that needs to be stopped.

9.   Older Dogs

Sometimes you might not be looking for a younger dog that is full of energy. Maybe you just want some company and a new found friend to spend your time with. Adopting a dog is the perfect way around this.

Animal shelters normally have a few “old timers” in there who are just looking for a home to spend the rest of their life in. This is perfect if you’re looking for a dog that doesn’t require much physical exercise and just wants the love and attention from an owner like you.

10.   Avoid the Puppy Stage

Puppies can be a handful to say the least so if you’re not up for dealing with the chaos and mess they make then adopting a dog is definitely the way forward for you.

There are many different ages of dogs in animal shelters but most are still in the prime of their life and require barely any training at all which removes all the work compared to if you bought a puppy from a pet store. Perfect if you just want to get your pooch home and give them lots of attention and let them settle in.

If I haven’t convinced you with these 10 reasons then I don’t think anything every will convince you that adopting a dog is the way forward. Happy adopting!

Hugh Armstrong is a pet enthusiast and loves nothing more than spending time with animals, especially dogs. For more blogs on animals by Hugh visit The Green Animal World or connect with him on Google+

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