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10 Places To Stay in Brazil During the 2014 World Cup

By Jsbdsl @jonnyblair

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recife brazil world cup

Relaxing in Recife, Brazil back in 2011 dreaming of heading back in 2014 for the World Cup!!!

Football was always my main hobby in life, and though travel has kind of taken over, I’ve managed to squeeze in two football matches in the last month as well as see 6 National Stadiums! But the big event is next year. The one everyone is waiting for. The World Cup will be held in BRAZIL for the first time since 1950!! Amazing!! I’ll be hoping to head there myself and I’m sure a load of you will too. I have noticed the prices of places to stay are simply rocketing of late, so here are my 10 places to stay in Brazil during the World Cup, with a different twist to it! I’ll have a load more Brazil posts to come in the next few months as a build up!!

world cup 2014

Can’t wait for the World Cup in 2014!!

1. Hostels

Good old hostels. Book them early and get into the big dorm rooms they won’t be going cheap!!

2. Mates

Message all your Brazilian mates and ask if you can stay with them. Buy them a few bottles of wine to make up for it, or some crates of beer. You’ll get a free bed out of it.

brazil world cup

Places to stay in Brazil? Message your mates who live there!

3. Couchsurfing

That old website that allows you to sleep around the world for free. Still worth a punt during the World Cup.

4. Camping Out

Take your tent and sleep rough. Some hostels and guesthouses will open their gardens for camping during the World Cup.

5. Homestays

Local families can take you in for homestays. You’ll have to pay a bit more during the World Cup of course but you’ll get to try their cuisine and pick up a bit of Portuguese.

homestays in brazil during the world cup

Homestays are a good option in Brazil during the World Cup.

6. Apartments

OK, it won’t come cheap but renting apartments is an option if there’s a load of you. Split the cost and you’ll have your own place in Brazil for a few weeks. Book early and sleep late


7. Universities Halls of Residence

Contact a few of the universities as they sometimes break up for the summer and have “digs going”, in student halls of residence. A long shot maybe, but as a budget backpacker I always think outside the box. I’ve used this option in the past and will do it again.

8. Portuguese Language Schools

Off hand I don’t know the best ones, but I studied Spanish in Montevideo a few years ago and recommend it. You can learn Portuguese while living in the school quarters. Don’t be shy either – it’s 18 – 50 year olds all mixed in together.

learn portuguese in brazil 2014

Studying Spanish in Uruguay in 2010 – why not try Portuguese in 2014?

9. Housesitting

The guys over at Suitcase Stories (Michael and Nicole) are experts at this, though I haven’t tried it myself. It seems like a great option for Brazil! Mind someone’s house while they’re on holiday and watch a bit of football!!

10. Hotels

The last resort. Overpriced, poncy, posh, arrogant and lacking any personality whatsoever. Still, at least you can enjoy the football. OK so Northern Ireland didn’t qualify, again…

northern ireland not brazil

“We’re not Brazil, we’re Northern Ireland”. My team didn’t qualify but I’m going anyway!

northern irish backpacker

The closest I came to watching Northern Ireland at the World Cup was a 2-0 defeat in Baku, Azerbaijan recently!

A load of my mates are England fans and some are hoping to see England play live in Brazil, that will be some experience!! As a Northern Ireland fan though, I don’t have a team to support next year, so being neutral will be cool!

Tickets went on sale a while back and there’s a new draw going on FIFA’s website soon, but if you want a good tip, click here for World Cup tickets so you don’t have to sweat or pay a tout a load of money late on.

It’s going to be a crazy World Cup in Brazil and I can’t wait to go.

Follow my journeys the next few months on my Facebook Don’t Stop Living Page and maybe see you in Brazil.

Safe travels!

And here’s my favorite World Cup goal of all time (sorry Maradona…)

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10 Places To Stay in Brazil During the 2014 World Cup
10 Places To Stay in Brazil During the 2014 World Cup

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