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10 Ideas to Make Your Bed the Most “Awesome” Part in Your Home

By Epic Home Ideas @epichomeideas

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When a room is decorated in a nice way that suits your style and décor philosophy, then most likely you will want to spend uncountable hours in that space.


There are many decorating ideas to create a room that will fascinate you and you will be eager to return to it every day. We will show you the most wonderful decorating ideas for your bedroom!

So let’s get started:

Use Earth Tones

bed ideas

A bedroom with soft earth tones looks warmer and more welcoming. The bed has a comfortable mattress and underneath a soft surface to make it look even more cozy, while a warm rug is placed beneath the bed.

The center of the room is the bed, as in each bedroom this must be the center piece furniture. The room has soft lighting, and in a somewhat secluded corner of the room, the desk has been fitted with an extra light so you can work comfortably.

Use Distinctive Colors

10 Ideas to Make your Bed the most “Awesome” part in your home

A bedroom must have soft color shades to be restful in the eye. At the same time it is good to have some decorative objects in more intense colors to make it look lively.

A coral-colored blanket, a sofa in a similar shade and a brightly colored surface are enough to give your room as much color tension as you need. It is also good to be able to apply gentle light or more intense whenever you want it.

Details that make a difference

10 Ideas to Make your Bed the most “Awesome” part in your home

Pay great attention to the decorative details that will be placed next to and around your bed. Earth colors, warm colors, fresh flowers and romantic lighting are some of the elements to include in your bedside decoration.


poster on top of bed

An image equals a thousand words. This saying can also be applied to your room. Search, discover and place an image over your bed that excites you and inspires you.

So find an image that helps you visualize things you want to get and put it somewhere to see it when you enter the room. You can also put it across from your bed to look at it every night before you fall asleep and in the morning when you wake up.

Get out of your comfort mode

10 Ideas to Make your Bed the most “Awesome” part in your home

Do not stay attached to the same decorative patterns. Mix trends together, combine old furniture with new ones and create a room that works uniquely (and healingly) for you and your tired body.

Windows Without Curtains

10 Ideas to Make your Bed the most “Awesome” part in your home

If you are not afraid that your neighbor will stare at you when you sleep, then avoid using draping curtains on your windows. On the hot days of the month, you will wake up from the bright and hot sun rays, while on rainy days you will enjoy a glass of hot cocoa under the warm blankets.

It is very important that you always have your bed laid back when you are back home and even with warm and attractive covers. The many pillows are also a good idea for a “cozy” bed.

Combination of designs and materials

10 Ideas to Make your Bed the most “Awesome” part in your home

Floral, stripes, plaid, bohemian etc are all designs and styles of decoration that can be combined together as long as they are in similar shades. See, for example, how beautiful and ‘appealing’ this bed looks with the floral background, the many mixed pattern pillows and the warm pale shades.

Creating Great Bedroom Corners

bedroom corners

It would be nice that a bedroom is not just a bed and nothing else. Take advantage of your space smartly to create different corners in your room. When you enter a room that simply has a bed, no matter how nice it is, you can not see it with enthusiasm. But when there is a corner with a mirror and an armchair to paint, a desk with a computer, an armchair next to the window to read your favorite books, then the room looks more complete and sophisticated!

Use Fur

bed with fur

Fur is a material that warms a bed both visually and practically. This year, this material is one of the strongest trends in fashion and decoration. A furry blanket will make your bed more cozy, warmer and more attractive.


10 Ideas to Make your Bed the most “Awesome” part in your home

As warm and cozy as your bed is, if the rest of the room is cold, then your room will not be particularly attractive to you. So put your mats in front of your bed and create a layer of carpets (rugs on carpets) for a warmer effect.

Be sure to create a space that transmits positive energy, warmth and optimism. Find out which colors are relaxing and what kind of decoration best suits your philosophy. Then think about all the things you like to do before you fall asleep and decorate it here.

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