10 Excellent Office Furniture Ideas to Adopt in 2020

Posted on the 08 September 2020 by Quarlesfurniture

For dedicated entrepreneurs and employees, a workplace is a sacred place. The employee productivity essence and business functions have a huge impact from surroundings and belongings. The core values of a company are reflected in furniture and designs and to evolve one must welcome change and new working ideas/methods. Employee behaviour, recruit and informing client all is affected by the look and furniture at the workplace. Let’s take a look at the office designs trends 2020 which will get popular with coming years.

For the business’s commercial wellness, furniture selection is very crucial so let’s learn and grow together by improving certain disadvantages/errors. With nature, furniture changes with time. Reflection of modern-day business culture makes 2020 trends consistent. It takes a  lot of efforts and time to evolve popularly. Through this blog we will discover the office design trends of tomorrow and when & where they want to be when the future finally arrives. Learn about new office design trends of tomorrow through our team of experts. We plan for 2020 and business define their future plans, the dynamic changes in trends offer new opportunities and workplace improvements. This can be done by restoring old furniture to modern executive office furniture options.

Here are excellent office furniture ideas to adopt in 2020

“Resimercial” Design

To create a more comfortable and relaxing environment, offices are likely to become more residential and this enhances productivity. These designs bring home into the workspace. It includes breakout furniture ie; soft upholstered sofas and stools. The Quarles sofa is the epitome of witnessing home at the office. The seating comfort is created by the sofa around the desks.

Eco-friendly Furniture Materials

Now brands are turning towards sustainability where there are less waste and carbon footprint. We have Thornton Chair a sustainable chair that is made of regenerated pp plastic. All the parts can be fully disassembled and all the parts can be reused in creating another new chair. The complete focus is to reuse resources and the circular economy extends the life of the resources.


Open offices open numerous benefits such as social interaction and knowledge sharing. Though there are some disadvantages as well and that us noise pollution and unwanted interference will cause a negative impact on productivity and concentration. Furniture composed of sound-absorbing material proves very useful this can improve acoustics and create a private hub in the open area.


This type of chair is quite popular in the office. Flexibility and movement during work time promote productivity and good posture. Ergonomics promotes good posture and offers various height adjustment options. Its demand is in agile working environments. Furniture will continue to develop according to needs and innovations. Through such development and furniture, we can create a comfortable, sustainable and efficient work environment by adopting change.

Smart technology

To increase office work efficiently we have to develop ever-changing trends. Move away from the allocated desk, wireless charging, smart devices such as occupancy sensors on hot desk etc ensures increased productivity. Smart technology helps in improving employee health and well being through sit-stand desk as this encourages active working.

Menswear-inspired furniture

The classic neutral always remain in style. It is carried by subtle patterns and incorporating texture. Industrial inspired design, leather upholstery denim, dark wood adds new visual interest to new furniture.

Conclusion/key take away points:

New trends take you to a new era. Bewitches you and your eyes catch the trends. Find your own comfort furniture and make the workplace a happy place. Save office space and switch to sustainable options, keeping health and everything awesome. If you have more queries please let me. Might be we have missed any trend than please update us in the comment section below or you can write to us at [email protected]

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