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10 Dove Street: Gourmet Food, Elegant Ambiance, Friendly Prices

By Adrenaline Romance @AdrenalnRomance

10 Dove Street

Many people think that we, just like all travelers and adventurers, are a rugged bunch of folks who are completely happy with camp food or budget meals. While this is true, we are also humans and wouldn’t mind getting a taste of something luxurious and elegant. The new 10 Dove Street in Oakridge Business Park affords us a great experience of haute cuisine without having to worry about your wallet.

Technically, 10 Dove Street is a bistro, a small, moderately priced Parisian restaurant that is usually identified by the food they serve. Even from outside, we already felt the warmth and the hominess of 10 Dove Street. And yes, it looks very much like a classy, romantic Parisian café.

10 Dove Street

With only a few tables, warm lighting, and yet exuding a cozy and relaxing feel, the place is perfect for a small gathering of friends and family.

10 Dove Street

Prominently displayed in the bistro is this magnificently polished dessert bar which also serves as a counter. The weathered wood is pleasing to the eyes.

10 Dove Street

Lovely and tastefully decorated cakes are some of 10 Dove Street’s specialties. The offered cakes for the day are prominently displayed on the counter.

10 Dove Street

While waiting for orders to arrive, customers can munch on a few candies, which are complimentary. Of course, be considerate and don’t finish the bowl. Just take one or two.

10 Dove Street

If there’s a concrete example of the word “dainty” and “tasteful,” then the adornments of 10 Dove Street truly take the first prize. Look at all those beautiful pots, plates, picture frames, and more. They’re lovely, aren’t they? In fact, enjoying their decorations is an experience in itself!

10 Dove Street

The main dining area is located at the second floor of the restaurant. Just check out that interior design! It makes you feel as if you are dining in a warm, rustic country cottage in Italy rather than in a restaurant.

10 Dove Street

Detailed wrought iron furniture and aged wood cabinetry all add to the classical and quaint atmosphere of the place. The elegant decors, the warm glow of the lights, and the small but cozy place all combine together in a beautiful opus of loveliness and warmth.

10 Dove Street

To make your dining experience truly exquisite as befitting to the place and the food, they don’t use run-of-the-mill stainless steel or ceramic eating utensils. In fact, they use silverware, glassware, and porcelain tableware that are generally used in 5-star restaurants and the mansions of the rich and famous.

10 Dove Street

Table centerpieces are kept simple and small so they won’t get in the way of the real stars of any restaurant—the meals!

10 Dove Street

Each table is equipped with this nice little wireless remote pager. Just press the button at the center and one of their friendly wait staff will be right there to take your order or address your concern.

10 Dove Street

While waiting for the rest of the invitees, the staff served us their homemade iced tea, which, in our personal opinion, beats most other iced teas we tasted. It is real tea, sweetened to the right consistency, then flavored with peppermint. It’s extremely cool and refreshing.

10 Dove Street

After a few pleasantries, the bistro’s marketing staff recommended us their specialties. 10 Dove Street has a large array of delectable dishes. They specialize on mouth-watering pastas, sandwiches, and salads along with a variety of meat dishes. Choose one of the three main menus (10 Dove Street Experience, Kitchen Favorites, and Chef’s Specials) then fill in your order with food items that correspond to that menu.

10 Dove Street

10 Dove Street uses a unique Western multi-course serving style, greatly enhancing the fine-dining experience. This means, they don’t serve the orders at once. Instead, they initially serve you your soup to kickstart your appetite. Then comes the beautifully presented main course. After you finish your meal, they then serve you your salad, dessert, or both.

Here, we were served with the first course, a bowl of hot soup.

10 Dove Street

I ordered this thick and creamy clam chowder. Mmmmm! Sheila and my good friend Leylander of Hanging Rice and My Cebu Photo Blog ordered their own personal favorites.

10 Dove Street

After finishing our delightful soups, 10 Dove Street’s incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff serves us our main meals.

10 Dove Street

I’m mostly a meat-and-rice person, so I ordered Roast Bee Dylan, one of their most recommended meat dishes. Pieces of sliced roast beef are smothered with sautéed mushrooms and onion. It was truly tasty; I just love how tender the beef is.

10 Dove Street

Leylander ordered Seaside Delight, a linguini based dish with sautéed shrimps and broccoli and lightly tossed in olive oil. The dish is delightfully light and pleasant.

10 Dove Street

Sweetie wanted something light, so she ordered a Light and Easy sandwich, which is made of eggs, relish, onions, lettuces, and tuna flakes.

10 Dove Street

Sweetie ordered the classic 10 Dove Street Experience menu, which included a salad. For her salad, she ordered a healthy Asian Green Salad. The dish is a colorful mix of tomatoes, mandarin oranges, and lychees stuffed with pineapples. The entire mix is placed on a bed of lettuce leaves then drizzled with an Asian-inspired dressing and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

10 Dove Street

We were definitely stuffed after eating our main courses, but our dinner wasn’t over yet! Our decadence cakes were served, and they’re sinfully sweet! We ordered a slice each of Opera, Ultimate Chocolate, Avocado Cake, and Mango Yogurt cakes.

10 Dove Street

Thank you very much for the complimentary Opera cake, wonderful staff of 10 Dove Street!

10 Dove Street

Our verdict? 10 Dove Street is nothing less than the finest bistro in Cebu. Here, you will experience haute cuisine in the most romantic setting. The meals are simply superb; they’re seasoned to just the right taste.

Now, considering that this is fine dining, you might think that eating here can rip your wallet inside out. That is certainly not the case! To our pleasant surprise, dining in 10 Dove Street is very affordable. The three/four-course meal—entrée, main course and salad, and dessert—only costs P275 to P350 (price may change without prior notice)! You do have to pay separately for the drinks, but hey, that price range is very affordable.

Make 10 Dove Street a part of your travel itinerary in Cebu!

Thank you very much, 10 Dove Street management and marketing staff for inviting us to visit your lovely bistro.


1. 10 Dove Street is located at Oakridge Business Park, 880 AS Fortuna Street, Mandaue City, Cebu. Use the contact details below to get in touch with them and to make reservations:

  • Landline: (32) 418-1010 or (32) 318-3674
  • Facebook Page: 10 Dove Street

The restaurant is open every day, 10 AM to 10 PM.

2. 10 Dove Street will be celebrating its first year anniversary of its new home in Oakride Business Park on April 21, 2015. They have an exciting promo that enables you to win gift certificates from the restaurant. See more details in their Facebook page.

10 Dove Street

3. You can also buy gift certificates from 10 Dove Street. They are perfect for as gifts and giveaways.

10 Dove Street

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