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10 Blog Writing Tips for Those Who Believe They’re Novices

Posted on the 23 November 2016 by Beth Worthy @gmrtranscripts

10 Blog Writing Tips for Those Who Believe They’re Novices

If you're good at writing, blogs will come easy. If you talk better than you write, it can become a challenge. A few simple tips can give you an edge that will help you create interesting and useful blogs. Always keep in mind, each blog needs to provide accurate information that stands out and captures the reader's attention.

  • Short sentences - Use short, concise sentences. Don't overload your blog with run-on sentences. They will lose your reader and take the spark out of your piece. Add a couple humorous one liners to drive a point home.

  • Use cheat sheets - Cheat sheets are a valuable tool. One can be made of lists of interchangeable words. Another can be a simple fact sheet on the topic you are writing about.

  • Get to the point - Get to the point quickly. Don't fill your blog with an excessive amount of hype before you state your point. Make your point first and elaborate on the facts that support your ideas.

  • Write and publish often - The best way to keep your audience tuned in is to write and publish often. Many readers begin to look forward to reading blogs that provide them with information in a way they look forward to.

  • Edit, edit, edit - Edit relentlessly! Check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and readability. It may take you three or four readings before you catch all of the mistakes. Have a friend read it over or put it through a program like Grammarly.

  • Record your post first - If you speak better than you write, record your post and then transcribe it. Recording your post first with the help of a transcription services company will allow you to discover small changes that can be made that makes your blog sound more professional.

  • Write it out - Writing in long hand is a completely different process. Use it occasionally and let it take you in a different direction, or two. It takes longer to write things long hand. This gives you time to word your blog carefully. It also allows you to branch off and include other ideas.

  • Use a personal approach - Be personal. You don't have to be ego-driven, but let your audience get to know who you are and how you think. If it's hard for you to speak to people face to face, writing a blog will give you back your voice.

  • Speak to your audience - Speak directly to the people you want to reach. Don't talk over their head and don't treat them like they are children. Be straightforward and to the point. Let your readers know how you really feel.

  • Use lists - When all else fails and you don't feel comfortable with one particular train of thought or idea, use a list format. It's simple, provides a lot of useful information and is easy to read and understand.

Remember to always edit your piece and read it out loud to yourself before your publish. These simple tips can turn you into a successful blog writer who can effectively reach an audience.

10 Blog Writing Tips for Those Who Believe They’re Novices

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10 Blog Writing Tips for Those Who Believe They’re Novices

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