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09/26/12 NXT Review- Richie Steamboat Vs Kassius Ohno

By Neliem @NelieMarie


This weeks NXT started differently. This time they showed a video recap of what has happened between Kassius Ohno and Richie Steamboat. As always the WWE production did a really good job. After the video NXT kicked off with a hot crowd. Pretty sure this are the tapings when CM Punk made an appearance because the crowd was into the show from the start.

Michael McGilicutty vs Bo Dallas: After the brawl backstage these two were put together in a match this week. The match at the beginning was all Bo Dallas offense and it was the same way when they went out of the ring. When they went outside the ring was when it was noticeable a man wearing a chicken head in the front seats. The WWE has the Sign Guy and Frank The Clown now NXT has a man wearing a chicken head, wrestling fans sure are weird. This match was really good and Michael McGilicutty keeps on delivering in the ring. He really is a great competitor and I’m not sure what exactly he needs to be better but I know he needs something to get into the main roster again.

Jake Carter vs Leo Krueger: This wasn’t a pretty match but a really hard hitting one. This new Leo Krueger is interesting but the old Krueger was interesting as well. Why the sudden change? Who can really know.

Ryback vs Two Local Wrestlers: Another Ryback squash match. He really is getting over with the “Feed Me More” chants. But seeing the end of Raw this week makes me hate him. They’re moving him too quickly. First they were doing a slow buildup and then he was chasing The Miz to then have a staredown with the WWE Champion. I prefer the slow  buildup because it will eventually work but moving him so quickly to the main event doesn’t help him.

Kassius Ohno vs Richie Steamboat: Another great main event for the C show. These two had a really good match. The best part of the match was the end because it means there are going to be various matches between these two. Richie got the in with an inside cradle which makes it look like a smart and lucky win for him making both men look good. The aftermath was the best part because it showed how dangerous Kassius is. In a show were the thing that matters is wrestling is refreshing seeing a feud on it.

Another good show put on by the youngsters in NXT. I think this crowd is the best since the re-boot. Looking forward for the appearance of CM Punk the following weeks and what happens next in the Steamboat/Ohno saga.

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