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05.17.14 MD D20: Is Will Jawando Stupid? (We Already Knew He Was Unqualified.)

Posted on the 17 May 2014 by Keith Berner @leftyview

Will Jawando is a candidate for one of three delegate seats in Maryland’s District 20.

We already know that Will Jawando is the ideal Valerie Ervin candidate:

  • Utterly empty, except for his giant ambition. If you liked how Valerie Ervin (and Heather Mizeur) quit elected posts because she never wanted to serve at such a low level to start with, you’ll love how Jawando will be running for Congress from the day he is elected delegate.
  • Without any qualifications for the job: I challenge anyone to show me a real connection between being on White House staff and knowing a thing about Maryland issues or politics. Jawando has never done five minutes of work for our district and our community.
  • A weak candidate: Jawando would be nowhere without Ervin’s backing, meaning that if he is elected he will be indebted to her and will serve her interests, not the community’s.
  • African-American: Ervin hinted around supporting the other people of color in this race (David Moon, Will Smith, D’Juan Hopewell). She never followed through with Moon or Hopewell. She rejected Smith, because she hates Smith’s campaign manager (Abe Saffer; he — like yours truly — once worked for Ervin and totally regrets it). Ervin consistently loves empty shirts like Hans Riemer, whom she backed in 2010. In 2014, though, being an empty shirt isn’t sufficient for Ervin; you hve to be a person of color, too.

Now we have evidence that Jawando doesn’t have the political IQ for the job: He has been door-knocking and trying to delver the message that bonafide Local Hero Sheila Hixson is over the hill and should be voted out. Why is this just plan stupid?

  1. He’s wrong. Hixson is totally with it. She’s vigorous, healthy, and itching to continue leading the House Ways and Means Committee. Over the hill? How about THE key member of the House for making Jamie Raskin’s progressive senate legislation make it through the lower chamber.
  2. Hixson is going to win. Which means that if D20 voters are gullible enough to put Jawando in office, he will have alienated the person he would most need to collaborate with to be even marginally effective in office.
  3. When you are running for one of multiple  seats, you are an utter moron to go after any other candidates in the race. You cannot control the outcome, so you risk ending up as the enemy of the others who get elected (per #2).

Stop Will Jawando. In a race with many attractive candidates, he’s the ugliest.

  • Blind ambition
  • No qualifications for he job
  • Foot solider in Valerie Ervin’s nefarious campaign for racial politics and her own empire
  • Just plain dumb.

For more on Jawando, see my write-up of the first D20 candidates forum last fall.

©2014 Keith Berner

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