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04 August: 144 Birthday of Master CVV – Transmitting the Energies of Synthesis

By Luphil

On 4 August is Master CVVs birthday. 1868, 144 years ago (12 x 12; in Indian counting the 144 years were completed already last year), he took birth in the South Indian city of Kumbhakonam.

His purpose was to transmit the Aquarian energies to the planet and to the beings living on it. He was the carrier of these energies of synthesis which were supposed by theosophists to come through a young man whom in the beginning of the last century they had prepared for this reception – the later J. Krishnamurti – but the energy took another way and manifested unnoticed by those who had done their own plannings. Many thought that the whole was a funny story of the theosophists – which caused many to leave the path or turn to other movements -, but it was only another way things developed.

When I first came to know of Master CVV in the 80ies I felt strangely “hit” by his energies, but it took a number of years before there was the second impulse: In 1996 when reading the book “The Aquarian Master” – it was for me like a clap of thunder. I felt more and more attracted by the profound energy he transmitted. When in January 201o I came to his birthplace, where, together with Sri Kumar (Master KPK), we had a group meeting with about 200 persons, the intense meditations there were for me a tremendous experience which left a deep mark in my life.

Master CVV was born under the sun sign Leo, the sign of the heart center. During the seminar on Agni in 1991 Master KPK pointed out the importance of the mission of Master CVV in relation to the heart center. Please find below some lines from that lecture.

“There is an internal journey that will be conducted through heart lotus. That is why it is said: ‘Heart is the gateway for the interior and exterior understanding’ – The meeting of the inner man and the outer man is in the heart center. Hence the importance of working with the heart lotus. And it has such syllabus as covering the four triangles to meet the light, to develop the body which we call ‘the body of light’. And the Master whom we call Master CVV, He started pushing light from that center into the petals, because in the scheme of the divine plan, time has come where humanity needed to be evolved rather quickly. And hence, He started emitting the Ray of Uranium from the heart lotus. So, when there is the invocation of the sound CVV, there is the piercing light of Uranium functioning from within the heart lotus which is a quality of the planet Uranus. And as this light shines forth into the lotus of the heart, there is the unfolding of the lotus quickly. That is why events happen very quickly in the personality life of the people.

And as many brothers and sisters expressed here in the beginning of the class, invariably everyone expressed that there is so much change ever since the last group meeting or the meeting before the last group meeting. And if we listen to the cassette which is recorded when they were speaking, many people said: “Many things changed in my life!” And the others said: “Everything changed in my life!” It is the stimulation of the Aquarian energy from within the heart lotus that makes it possible. That is what is called ‘the Mission of the Master CVV’ which you all can receive and then work with it. I told you yesterday that a flower cannot be opened from outside. Until there is an effort from within, there cannot be much cooperation coming from external sources. I also told that more often, if we try to open the petals of the flower from outside, the petals break. Even a high initiate like Madam Blavatsky has written that there is an eternal law where unfolding cannot be done from external support, unless there is an impulse from within to unfold. The outer is ready to help us, but the inner is not ready to receive the help. So, with much love, compassion and understanding, the Sons of Light have been waiting all through.

Then came a brilliant new law. Why not we work from within outside? And that law descended upon the planet, and that energy linked up the Cosmic Kundalini with the Earth Kundalini, and consequently the new energies started functioning from within outside with a new impulse. This is the extra dimension which the planet and the planetary beings are witnessing in this century. And hence, the speed of functioning and the progress achieved! In respect of all kingdoms, there is very speedy evolution. The speedy evolution is there with metal, with plant, with animal and with human beings. All this is attributed to the visit of the new energy. And what is witnessed by the man of the 20th century was not witnessed in the previous ten centuries. To scope up with the speed, man is also prepared from within.”

04 August: 144 Birthday of Master CVV – Transmitting the Energies of Synthesis

Receiving the energies of synthesis – a painting I did in 2011

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