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#033 – Is Senate Hopeful Barry Hinckley a Creepy Dad Or a Just a Stage Mother?

By Legosneggos @LegosnEggos

Watch and give me your impression:

My vote is that Barry Hinckley, if anything more than an ambitious dad, is just a bit of a stage mother.  His 5 year-old son Hudson is obviously comfortable (even precicious) in front of the camera, both in the commercial and during the interview.  And so what if his statement about what he wants to do with his life were prepared? I think even Neil Cavuto (the interviewer) knew that and probably didn’t mind — but he probably knew the polite ambush would result in a media frenzy today, so…

I don’t think this Hinckley fellow was using his son at all beyond getting his message across of what all children five and under will experience in the future.  And I feel like there is a definite spin on his intentions by the media in inviting his son (not forcing him) to participate.

I think it was a great opportunity for Hudson Hinckley to get a feel for the media and showcase his talent.  Now, he will also know the ridicule.  And you must admit that he is a very talented spokesperson  These are the things, after all, that lead children to recognize their aptitudes and to the feel for a career later, and it is no worse than what Disney does to its child actors…or parents putting their kids in piano and dance recitals.  Is that creepy and weird when they are seen visibly prompting their child to hit the right keys or keep in step?  We all do it to some extent; we just aren’t filmed doing it.  Personally, I think it is hilarious that he was so not cognizant that a camera was also on him that makes be Barry Hinckley had only pure intentions for his son’s interview — or perhaps he assumed that the camera had closed in on Hudson’s little face.

So are Disney children and their parents “creepy” and “weird?”  I think Jon Bershad is a little skewed in his judgment of the candidate;  c’mon, Jon — sorry, but I do.

Not that I’m a big fan of children in show business, mind you, because I definitely am not.  For a child actor, the incentive is usually a big paycheck — and many of them cannot deny that the parents are usually beneficiaries as managers of their kids’ acting careers.  At least little Hudson was putting himself out there for his dad, someone he believes in whether or not he fully understands the message.  There’s nothing weird or creepy about it.

So senatorial candidates, exercise caution when you invite your own children (who will also bear the brunt in years to come of political mismanagement) to support you in your political ads.  The world thinks you should probably hire a child actor to be paid to express concern about his or her future.

And no following in your dad’s footsteps, either, Hudson!  I say that mainly because I deeply distrust politicians.  But I hope your dad gets a chance to prove his message and prove me wrong.

And while we’re at it — to avoid being accused of using their children in their ads, I guess there probably should never be another mattress or furniture salesman using his children in his ads, either.  But Houston’s own beloved Mattress Mack’s kids seem to have turned out all right and even followed him into the business, and I’m sure Hilton’s will, too.

Carry on, Hudson.  This is just the way fathers have always brought sons into the family business…when they are striving to become career politicians.  Just learn your lines in the future so Dad doesn’t have to mouth them anymore.


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