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Zombie Billboard Next to Funeral Home

Posted on the 15 April 2011 by Thehangline

Zombie billboard next to Funeral Home

When creating an OOH campaign, there are many things to consider. Obviously we’re focused on creative here at The Hangline, but there are other considerations that need to be made. Quantity, board size/type and, the ever so important, location.

Well, here’s an example of either genius placement or highly insensitive placement. You be the judge. What’s that? You want my opinion? Well, okay, I suppose. Genius! I’ve always wanted to do something with Zombies for a funeral home, but could never find the client with the right sense of irreverent humor to pull it off. This accomplishes what I’ve always wanted to do in a round about way. I just love it when little “mistakes” like this are made. I call them mistakes because most of the time in the world of scheduling outdoor, you have too much going on at once to pay complete attention to where you’re posting every piece of artwork in a campaign. To me, this is all the proof we need that God exists.

Anyway, apparently this has some people a little upset. Why? Zombies aren’t real! It’s not like your loved one is going to come back to life. Right?…  Right?…

By the way, guys… you can do better creative than that! It’s a show about freaking ZOMBIES!!! Do you know how many cool things you could do with that? Sure, blame it on the studio. I know I know… but then, this was done for the same show, so somebody must know what they’re doing.


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