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Your Kids + Technology = Dangerous Territory

By Slattenk
Digital technology has made parenting increasingly more difficult. Once upon a time you knew when your kids got a phone call because you heard the phone ring may have even answered it before passing it to your child. Today your children are likely to have their own cellphones and you may be unaware of who they are talking to and when.
With the help of digital devices, your children can be seriously misbehaving in your own home and you may be completely ignorant of it. Prior to digital technology, it was unlikely that your pre-teen kids would be breaking the law without you noticing anything. Now some parents are getting a rude awakening when the police show up at their door because their children have committed a felony online!
Getting Into Serious Trouble
If your children have access to computers, connected video games or cellphones, they are a click away from committing a crime. Most children do not understand just how legally serious their online actions are taken.
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Your Kids + Technology = Dangerous Territory

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