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Youpi Et Voila: No Yippee-ki-yay and No Here There Either, Despite What the Big Boys and Treasured Girls Say.

By Johntalbott

Apr-may 2012 001
4.0 Youpi et Voila, 8, rue Vicq-d'Azir in the 10th, is a place that "swear to God and hope I die" was at the top of my famous "list"; raved about by the big boys and my trustworthy former co-host at a website whose name cannot be spoken, so it was a natural choice for a couple who admire her (that is, my trustworthy former co-host at a website whose name cannot be spoken) as I do.  I wandered by the place twice without seeing any identifactory markings but finally decided that like Joseph Smith said when arriving at Salt Lake City (according to one source) "This is the place."  ([Phew - talk about run-on sentences.)]

Apr-may 2012 002

As the male part of my friendly host/couple said on perusing the carte "Well, we're not going to go broke here."  Indeed, 3 courses are 25 E, 2 = 20 and el cheapo wine is 20 E as well.  But, it's a moderately forced choice "menu," at least at lunch.

Apr-may 2012 004

Apr-may 2012 005


Three of us were going to order the white asparagus with a 65⁰ egg and piggy belly and Kalamata olives (sounds scrumptious no?) but I decided that was a silly waste of three bets and went for the ceviche of black mullet with avocado cubes which was pretty good.

Apr-may 2012 006

Apr-may 2012 007


Then, Madame had the line-caught (ha!) hake and M. and I the pigeoneau with (the dreaded) polenta and a ginger (could'a fooled me) sauce.  The poor pigeon I had was tough, tasteless and overcooked, oh my; Madame's fish was not 1/2-bad, however; in indeed they both loved their dishes.

Apr-may 2012 008

Apr-may 2012 009


M. for dessert had the apple crumble and Mme and I the goat cheese with crushed early strawberries and crumbled speccullos (this years "must" dessert ingredient which I always thought was spelled speculos but can be speculoos or whatever you want.)  In any case, despite the pilpul, no big deal.

Apr-may 2012 003
With two bottles of a fine (and cheap, because I thought I was sharing payment, although in fact, even if Bill Gates were treating me, I'd order it again) Gaillac, their own bottled/filtered water and two coffees and to celebrate St Marc's Day, three marcs-of-a-sort, the bill was 156 E; however, a couple could easily have a meal plus wine and coffees here for 75 E.  Disclosure: M. picked up the check, insisting that in September, when Colette returns, we'd share.

Go?  Ah, dear Reader, against the opinions of all the other rapporteurs and my co-diners today, I cannot in good conscience (and mine is in bad shape) recommend it.  Sorry.

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