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You Were Always Fine

By Alysonisneat
You Were Always Fine
You Were Always Fine
You Were Always Fine
You Were Always Fine
You Were Always Fine
Sam and I went camping this past weekend, and among the multitude of bug bites, I also skinned my knee.  Major bummer.  But it was fun and we had a blast.  I definitely want to do more camping when the weather cools off, or even going somewhere that is a little cooler this summer?
Last night, Sam and I had a dinner-in night.  He picked out this pasta recipe.  I had a bottle of wine on storage.  Watched some netflix and just had a relaxing night in.  The best part, well besides getting to spend time with Sam...  okay so the best part of the food, LEFTOVERS!  I'll be the envy of the lunch table with my creamy shrimpy pasta.
Like anyone else, I'm obsessed with Groupon.  However, I only buy groupon's that I know I will use.  I bought tickets to the Nashville Rollergirls double header for Sam's birthday and because of a mistake with how much the tickets were, I had a $20 credit.  When the Jewel Mint groupon came up, of course, I knew exactly where my groupon credit was going.  This necklace is one of the pieces I purchased.  I rarely buy new jewelery and most of the stuff I have is from when my Mamaw passed away and the cousins all got some of her costume jewelery.  It was so exciting to pick out things that are eclectic and beautiful.
Dress: Gap. $19
Shoes: Old Navy, $10
Necklace: Jewel Mint, Groupon

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