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You Don't Need It to Be Considered Beautiful

By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
Today's shoe is the napa leather and snakeskin peep-toe slingback by Sophie Gittins in 2010.
Louis Vuitton is the first fashion-related name I heard since I was a little girl. I used to gawk over their tiny purses and large luggage embroidered with the LV pattern. I still do, but now I understand why my mom never bought me any.
I never gave any thought to the sunglasses though. 
You don't need it to be considered beautifulI think I need to stray from these, because as beautifully taunting as they are, I have to be happy with what I have. But I have Armani, so I can't complain.
Yet the jewelry.
What do you want to be?

You don't need it to be considered beautiful

Sensual and confident

You don't need it to be considered beautiful

Edgy and seductive

You don't need it to be considered beautiful

Dazzling and flamboyant

You don't need it to be considered beautiful

Vibrant and bold

You don't need it to be considered beautiful

Graceful and unforgettable

You can be any of these things, or all of them, although you don't need to be wearing Louis Vuitton jewels. They may be beautiful, but not as much as you are. Your beauty will not come from an expensive ring. They're nice to have of course, but they aren't the key to being radiant.

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