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You Didn't Believe Me When I Said "Don't Wear Teal"

By Sedulia @Sedulia

Some people couldn't figure out why I said you shouldn't wear teal in Paris. Apparently it makes up a large part of many people's wardrobes. Just take a look through the Lands End catalog, where everything seems to come in teal.

Anyway, I came across this in a new book about what men (French men, anyway) shouldn't wear. It's called L'Art de mal s'habiller sans le savoir ("the art of dressing badly without knowing it"-- fun book, by the way) by Marc Beaugé, and is originally from a menswear column in Le Monde, where you can read the original article in French.

Wear teal if you like... and don't mind being considered a badly dressed tourist. Not everyone cares, I guess....

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