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Wooden Constructions: People Now People

Posted on the 11 May 2012 by Hctf @hctf
Wooden Constructionsphoto: Luiza Ongelofelijk

Amsterdam based post-punk disco house band Wooden Constructions took their time putting together their new album People Now People. They released two free tracks over the last couple of months to get a buzz going. It's quirky and all over the place: a bit of the Talking Heads, Sisters of Mercy, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Pavement, Television and then some. Try dancing to it and you wil be on the wrong foot before you know it.

People Now People is an album mashing up jangly guitar pop with a stuttering back beat that is hard to transcribe. If schizophrenic post.rock was a musical genre (well, it is now), Wooden Constructions have made a landmark album.

Wooden Constructions: People Now People

People Now People is released on Subroutine Records. Digital (pay-what-you-want) thru Bandcamp.

  1. Full Brother
  2. Smoul in Mali
  3. Sampla Bagannar
  4. No Toys on the Playground
  5. Quality
  6. Rhythm Section
  7. Chikapunga
  8. Punch in the Face
  9. Kadouche
  10. 400E
Live date:
  • 06/12 Melkweg, Amsterdam (Album release party)

Âť woodenconstructions.com

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