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Wisdom of the Ancients: 10 Secrets to Abundant Energy.

By Chantellejahara

Wisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.This ancient Incan is really really old.They didn't know about calories, cave man diets, protein, north beach, south beach, vitamins or supplements. They did know about sacred geometry, astronomy, astrology, numerology, phi and pi. They also knew a lot about nature, and the laws under which it abides. Civilizations of antiquity manifested their knowlege into daily habits of living in balance, and for a long, long time. Here are ten ancient habits, seasonally adjusted by about five thousand years just for you.

1. Eat Right, Eat Light

Wisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.Digestion consumes more energy than any other activity. Breakfast – think Vibrant ! Fruits for summer. Warm grains or bread accompanied by live food such as avocado, and sprouts for winter. Juice your favorite vegetable combination. Lunch is the main meal of the day. Dinner is early and light; think soup, congee, salad or fruit. Less quantity = more energy. Eat raw at every opportunity.

2. Alcohol

Only if you want to drag your feet the next day. Seriously (hic!). Your liver is the gatekeeper to abundant energy.  If you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a dry day, try it. It may take a few of days for your liver to detoxify and rebalance, but its worth checking out (hic!).

3. Wake Early, Sleep Early

In Chinese Medicine, the clock is divided into nurturing your body’s systemic (yin) and superficial (yang) systems.  The hours before midnight are considered two to three times more valuable from the perspective of sleep quality than the hours after. They nurture critical systemic functions and the all-important parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for regenerating the body. After midnight the energy of the earth shifts and solar energy increases, even while it is still dark outside. Sleep becomes lighter, and it is more difficult for us to complete the necessary regeneration that our body needs.

 4. Exercise

Wisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.Thats me. Do you like my new running style? I choose not to touch the ground. Mind-over-matter!One might imagine burning fat or loosing weight when the subject is about exercise. Regular exercise, however, offers more important benefits such as keeping our organs toned and in shape, so they can maintain their youthful glow. Did I take that too far? But wait, there's more! Our cleansing system – the lymphatic system – works only with movement. Stronger oxygen demands bathe our entire body with energy. Let's not forget the endorphins and serotonin chemicals that the brain releases during exercise. Exercise has never let me down. I feel like a powerhouse of optimism and possibility every time.


You are only as young as your oldest organ                     --  Benjamin Franklin *

 5. Drink

This time I mean Water. It's the currency of the body, and more valuable than gold. Nothing can happen without water as the bridge, like processing information or emotions, connecting with creativity, and generating natural energy for the body. It cures stomach ulcers, headaches and chronic fatigue. Drink a lot of water. Not all at once, but regularly. But wait! Water ain't water! Some water filters turn pH neutral water acidic. Water can also loose its all-important negative ions in the process. You may feel inspired to research water ionizers or filters that maintain pH balance. In some countries I have come across the Zen Water Filter . It produces the nicest water of the filters that I have tried. Pouring water from a height into another glass also charges the water with negative ions - the way nature intended.

6. Passion and Purpose

Wisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.Have a passion that pulls you out of bed, and excites you to meet each day with enthusiasm. Like Spongebob, I hear you ask? Of course not! We absolutely don’t have to be yellow. Or spongy. If you don’t feel clear about what your path or passion is, it’s worth the exploration. Finding our place in the world is as important as realising perfect health.

7. Detoxify

There is not one other activity in this world where I feel more energised or happier. We understand the logic of maintaining the plumbing system for the house, and the gas and oil systems of the car. Why do we not clean the pipes in our body? They accumulate undigested material, excess mucus, and foreign particles, and bundle it all together into Mucoid Plaque. It’s black. It’s harder than the rubber of a car tire; and an average one month cleanse will see approximately 27 feet (9 metres) exit the body. This plaque gets in the way of tWisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.he body’s daily processes, and contributes to the deterioration of our health. Want to learn more? I’ll point you to one direction; though there are a few good cleanse kits out there these days. Eating raw or only juice one day a week is fantastic maintenence.

8. Sunshine

Mal-illumination kills more people than over-exposure of the sun. Full spectrum natural sunlight is crucial to the health of our body. Vital nutrients that we obtain from the sun are just as important as the life-sustaining nutrients which we receive from food. Two generations ago the average person netted three to six hours of sunlight each day, compared to today's 30 to 45 minutes. There were few cases of skin cancer. Without sun light, we are far more susceptible to cancer, depression, obesity, and osteoporosis. Sunlight stimulates production of energy-enhancing neurochemicals in the brain.

9. Meditation

Studies prove what I experience: twenty minutes of meditation is equivalent to getting three hours of sleep. Not bad. Meditation stimulates brain cortices that are normally dormant. It balances the parasympathetic nervous system and subtle hormonal systems in the body. More importantly, meditation neutralises the stress within the body and mind, which absorbs much of the energy that we would otherwise access. Meditation enhances our sense of well being. It nourishes our spiritual body.

10. Simplicity

Wisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.Dare to lead a simple life. If we hold our needs up against scrutiny, they might all be wants in needs clothing, if you allow me to twist a metaphor. We need very little. And if we break through the belief that we need all of this stuff in our life, there is a simple, happy future that awaits us, filled with copious, ample, abundant energy.


 Wisdom of the ancients: 10 secrets to abundant energy.The body dedicates two hours to rejuvinating each organ.

* Benjamin Franklin didn't say that. I did.


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