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Winter Blues | Essential Accessories

By Kerysmarie @littleboblab
Winter blues | Essential accessories
  I've been mooching around Leeds today in search of job vacancies (& if you know of any, please inform me as I've had a shocking day searching for them!) Some of you may know I live in Huddersfield but I'll be relocating with the Creature to Leeds in the next few months, so its paramount I find a job so I can afford the commute to Uni.   Well I under estimated the weather today, apparently even 3 layers and a fur collar leather jacket isn't enough to keep you warm lately. Which resulted in me running to Next and buying a warmer pair of leggings - Yes I wore leggings in this weather, obviously my noggin' wasn't screwed on this morning... But these new ones are actually lined with fluff & mega warm! & I also bought myself a knit headband with matching mittens.   Winter blues | Essential accessories
Winter blues | Essential accessories
Winter blues | Essential accessories
Winter blues | Essential accessories
Winter blues | Essential accessories
The mittens are adorable, although they are a little on the big side. But thats because I have tiny hands. I'm not actually all that fussed on the size issues really, I mean c'mon look how pretty the jewel detailing is!   The set including the headband was £7.99 and can only be bought in store. (trust me I've scoured online) & for that price I couldn't resist. I'm one of those people that owns a bobble hat in every color - Ironic, I wasn't wearing one of the coldest days of the winter. But I really wish they did it in other colours too, I think I definitely would have bought a few sets if that were the case.
I've never actually bought a headband like this before (although I know they are all the rage back home in Merseyside) - Look at me being all Scouse!
I really like the way it looks too, even though I have had to resort to changing my usual fringe into side bangs.. of which the Creature hates! But honestly it didn't look right with my full sweeping fringe... It kept pushing my hair over my face until I looks like an emo!
  Winter blues | Essential accessories Bank Pompom Scarf | Topshop Earmuffs | River Island Gloves | Riverisland Snood | Newlook hat   The Topshop earmuffs are brilliant! & they actually reduced to £5 at the moment so I'm really tempted to buy a pair. I think in the winter weather its really important to try and style up your accessories, with us being wrapped up for the best part of the day a good hat or scarf can uplift a winter outfit. Everything above (not including the river island gloves and snood) is actually in the sale right now too, so if you want to snap up a warm bargain, click those links and grab them before they're gone!   Have you got a winter warmer staple accessory?   Winter blues | Essential accessories

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