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Why Visit Corregidor? Here's 9 Reasons!

By Barefootdaves
Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons! "Corregidor Island, locally called Isla ng Corregidor, is a lofty island located at the entrance of Manila Bay in southwestern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines. Due to this location, Corregidor was fortified with several coastal artillery and ammunition magazines to defend the entrance of Manila Bay and the City of Manila from attacks by enemy warships in the event of war" - Wikipedia

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#1  A view of Caballo Island at the Corregidor Beach Resort.  Caballo, along with Corregidor divides the entrance to Manila Bay, known as the North and South channels.  The island is occupied by the Philippine Navy and is off limits to civilian

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#2  The Battery Way is one of the most visited landmarks in Corregidor Island.  It is a battery of four 12-inch mortars named after Lt. Henry Way of the 4th US Artillery, based in Corregidor during WWII

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#3  The Brothers in Arms Statue is a portrayal of an American soldier aiding an injured Filipino soldier during WWII

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#4  The Spanish Lighthouse located at the highest point of Corregidor Island, was built in 1896.  From the top of the lighthouse, tourists get to see the Island at a bird's-eye view. 

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#5  The Eternal Flame of Freedom designed by the famous American sculptor Aristides Demetrios, symbolizes the never ending aspirations and hopes for freedom of the Filipino and American soldiers during WWII

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#6  The Mile-Long Barracks is now roofless and skeletal but still majestic under the summer skies.  This imposing structure on the Island's Topside is indeed a memorable architectural achievement of the Americans in the 1900s

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#7  The Lorcha Dock is where General MacArthur exited Corregidor Island and proceeded to Australia during WWII upon instructions from President Franklin Roosevelt

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

#8  The Japanese Garden of Peace is a gift to the people of the United States from the people of Japan with prayers for everlasting peace

Why Visit Corregidor?  Here's 9 Reasons!

3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon!  You have until today to register.  Check the details HERE

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