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Why So Little Hype for Halloween 2012?

By Tantrawave

Went to the store this evening and as I was driving thorough our familiar neighborhoods, I noticed that most houses have no Halloween decorations or lights.  Since a few years ago, the decorations and festivities have gotten less and less, and now, there's practically nothing out there.  It's somewhat disheartening and unnerving at the same time.  Here's what I think is going on in the field of the collective _sub_conscious.  People have it in mind of the impending "doomsday" of Dec 21, 2012.  So just in case the One True God makes His advent and finds displeasure in people having dabbled in "satanic" stuff, they're hedging their bets and keeping their decorations packed in the garage.  I started feeling this trend happening since a few years back, and this year is the most "minimalist" I've ever experienced.  I gave it the benefit of the doubt a few years during Halloween, thinking that perhaps people are saving on electricity and extraneous purchases, but come Yuletide, i.e., Christmas, it gets done up to the hilt.If the god of public worship is such a petty Titan as to cast their souls to eternal hellfire and damnation for celebrating Halloween, or for homosexuality, or for being a liberal, or for not supporting the NRA, or for not believing in the piece of ancient, Middle Eastern real estate title deed (etc.) called the bible, and so on as the list of insanities go on, then existence as such would be frightful indeed.  May the tyranny of fundamentalism, scientism, and every form of ideological zealotry be sublimated; may their filth and poisons be turned to alchemical Gold.  May people once and for all say Fuck It, and live joyfully as citizens of the Cosmos, and grow into becoming evolved, wise NeoSapiens, as awakened custodians of the planet.
Halloween 2012
Halloween 2012

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