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Why is It So Hard To Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?

By Shrinkingthecamel

Why is it So Hard To Connect Spiritual Value to Our Work?Sometimes it seems like God is everywhere, except at work.

We behold His glory in the sanctuary. We extol His handiwork in the   landscapes, sky and sea. We consider His tender mercies in the warmth of loved ones. But now pan the camera over to the manufacturing plant floor, or to the rows of cubicles in the corporate office tower, and – Whoops! Where’d He go? Wasn’t that Him right there in the car with me when I drove in?

I don’t know when this happened, or why, or who’s to blame, but our society has somehow lost its natural ability to associate spirituality with our daily labor. Instead, we have been brainwashed by the church, our culture, or corporate correctness into thinking that we must compartmentalize our lives, leaving spirituality to Sundays or morning devotions or volunteering at the food bank. But certainly not on that next sales call.

Fundamentally, the problem is this: our culture has no framework for approaching work from a spiritual standpoint. There is no context, no point of reference. It simply does not exist.

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