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Who's the Parent Anyway?

By Dmroughton
Two situations that are emblematic of how the egg donor views her relationship with her child:
  1. A couple of years ago, the egg donor took me to court yet again (did I mention she has never won a single case against me) to stop her child support altogether (did I mention I never asked for child support in the first place - the judge awarded it when he gave me full custody). Her reason was that she was going back to college and needed her son's child support money to pay for her college classes. That's right; she was asking her son to pay for her college.
  2. This weekend she is getting re-re-re-married, so she is getting him for an extended weekend (did I mention she was supposed to have him for the entire Spring Break). Our son is in the wedding. No, he is not the ring bearer. No, he is not one of the groomsmen. That's right, ladies and gentleman, my 8 year old son is being made to give his mom away.
Your thoughts on this?

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