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Who's Got an Idea?? I Bet All of You Do!

By Clarineticus @Clarineticus
What's going on clarinet-wise in your neighborhood?? Clarineticus Intergalacticus wants to know, and we want to know from YOU! If you are working as a clarinetist, or you are just a lover of all-things-clarinet, please consider submitting!
Submissions could include (be creative!):
-stories about your life as a clarinetist (we want to know about every kind of gig!)
-clarinet events in your area
-new works for clarinet (sound, or video clips are great - also excerpts of the score and information pertaining to the piece)
-groups you know of that use the clarinet (can be your own group or a group you're interested in)
-practice techniques or warm-up ideas
-papers or articles you may have written on the clarinet, clarinet techniques or clarinet literature
-clarinet artwork (this does not exclude clarinet lamps!)
Accepted submissions will be posted on Clarineticus Intergalacticus! It's a great way to promote yourself and your ideas, so don't be shy! Send full submissions or ideas to:
Who's got an idea?? I bet all of you do!

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