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Whistler Yoga Conference

By Nadine
This past weekend I was at Whistler Yoga Conference. It was a busy, fun weekend of learning. I took the following workshops:

  • Bollywood Vinyasa – Hemalayaa

  • Chakra Shuddhi Meditation – Shivani Howe

  • Opening the Inner Temple – Anodea Judith

  • Pranayama (Vijnana Yoga): Cleansing, Balancing and Energizing – Leslie Young

  • Qi Gong for Awakening the Flow – Shane Perkins

  • Rhythm and Repetition as Mystical Keys: Classical Kundalini Yoga – Yogi Vishvketu

  • Taking Your Yoga off Your Mat and into Your World – Shivani Howe

  • Yin for Yoga Teachers – Colleen Felgate
I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to study briefly with these amazing instructors. There were a couple of classes I'm very glad I took but just weren't for me. There were a couple that I got what I expected out of them. And then there were the others! The class I was most looking forward to was Chakra Shuddhi Meditation. I was so impressed with both the content of the class and instructor (Shivani Howe), that I changed around my classes the next morning to take her course on Taking Your Yoga off your Mat and into Your World
....and that ended up being my favorite class of the weekend. It was great to talk about living your Yoga. About what I want to put out into the world and what is standing in the way of that. Much food for thought.
And I was very struck by Shivani, who it turns out I met in April at Yasodhara Ashram. Shivani has a retreat center in the Purcell Mountains which may be the site of my next retreat.

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