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When You Are Uninsured…Where Can You Get a Mammogram?

Posted on the 13 March 2011 by Jean Campbell

So many uninsured women can not afford the cost of an annual mammogram Yet, no woman, whatever her circumstances, can afford not to get a mammogram each year. Her life could depend on it.

image of pick ribbon to indicate mammogramYesterday, when I opened my New York State Motor Vehicle mailing about renewing my drivers license, I was thrilled to find a pink card with a message for uninsured women telling them how they can get mammograms. The message was in both English and Spanish and read:

A mammogram can find breast cancer years before you can.

Maybe breast cancer can’t be prevented. But it can usually be cured if it’s found early enough with a mammogram. Every woman over 40 should have regular mammograms even if she has no symptoms.

Now it is easier than ever to get a mammogram.

New York State has a network of local programs where uninsured women can get mammograms. Many local programs also have mobile mammography vans, which can make it easier to get a mammogram near where you live.

For more information about how to enroll in screening program in your county, or for answers to questions about cancer, please call the Cancer Information Service at 1-866-422-2262

Kudos to the NYS Dept of Health for using this mailing to reach women. Given the numbers of women who drive and renew their licenses by mail or online, this is a great way to reach uninsured women and give them a means to get a mammogram.

If you are uninsured and need an annual mammogram, begin with your state or county Dept of Health.  The local office of your American Cancer Society can also help you to find a place where you can get a free mammogram.

Don’t wait. Don’t be embarrassed that you can’t pay. Just take advantage of a life-saving service. That’s what it is there for. Get a mammogram!

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