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Wheel of Fortune’s Eco-Awareness Week

Posted on the 06 April 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Wheel of Fortune’s Eco-Awareness WeekAvid watchers of Wheel of Fortune know the show often has themes throughout the program. This week on Wheel of Fortune, the theme is all things green. On last night’s program, the first puzzle was “solar panels” followed by “national parks”. The next puzzle was “reduce, reuse, recycle“. In addition, they were giving away a trip to Chaa Creek in Belize, an Eco-resort for the travel prize.

As one of the many “grand” prizes, contestant can possibly win a Chevy Volt. Last night, had the contestant correctly answered the puzzle, she would have won one of the plug-in hybrids.

After the show was over, several “green” features of the lot where Wheel of Fortune is filmed were featured. At Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, CA, who adopted the clever slogan “Sony Pictures a Greener World”, there are more than 1,100 solar panels on the Jimmy Stewart Building, saving 500,000 pounds of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be produced (through conventional electricity generation).

The studio partnered with Culver City to launch a composting program for all non-recyclable material. The matter is sent off site and decomposed, then brought back to the lot to be used on the grounds. In addition, employees are encouraged to take home excess compost for their own gardens.

In the parking structure, there are spaces reserved for high efficiency vehicles, as well as charging stations for electric cars. Lastly, around the facilities, filtered water dispensers replaced 5 gallon water coolers that used more than 30,000 bottles annually.

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