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What to Pack – Yasmin – Project Co-Ordinator Intern

By Frontiergap @FrontierGap

What to pack – Yasmin – Project Co-Ordinator Intern

What’s your best travel experience?

After my second year of university I travelled to Ecuador where I spent 3 weeks travelling before heading to the Amazon Rainforest for 2 weeks to carry out my second year research project.

I loved every single minute of the trip with highlights including Lake Quilotoa, surfing in Montanita, Humpback Whale watching in Puerto Lopez, a terrifying but spectacular bus ride through the mountains from Guayaquil to Cuenca and the nights out in Quito!
I was welcomed into the jungle by the Payamino tribe and trekked through amazing primary forest, discovered beautiful waterfalls and ate the most questionable food I think I will ever eat- I had no idea what to do with the chicken(?) claw floating in a bowl of hot water.

What did you take?

Obviously I tried to pack as lightly as possible but I managed to fit a surprising amount of stuff into my rucksack. This was mainly due to the fact I had packed all my clothes in two vacuum travel bags which were not only space-saving but also had the added bonus of making sure everything stayed dry.

For the jungle I brought a small lightweight hammock with a built-in mosquito net. Not only was it super comfy but it meant I was at safe distance from the ground and the bullet ants with which I had already had an unpleasant encounter with!

I also took spare camera batteries and memory cards so I could snap away without worry of running down the battery or taking up precious camera memory.

What do you wish you had taken?

I wish I had taken more time to learn some of the basics of Quechua, the language spoken by the tribe I stayed with in the jungle. I had my GCSE Spanish which was enough to get me around Ecuador but in the jungle this was of little use.

What frontier project would like to visit?

I would love to go any project in Madagascar as it’s a somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit due its wealth of biodiversity.

What would you take there?

I’d definitely invest in a good underwater camera and a range of condiments and spices to add excitement to the staples of rice and beans 3 times a day!

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