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What's in My Bag (potty Trained Toddler Edition)

By Livedwithlove @kerrymarie
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
Now that Sienna is potty trained and nearly 2, I don't feel the need to have a full sized changing bag anymore. Going out is so much easier and I was carrying around so much in it that we barely even used. The changing bag I have now is the Pink Lining Bramley Tote in Navy with Cream Bows and I love it! 
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
Navy is perfect all year round but even more so in the Autumn. I love the brown detailing, the pattern of the bows, and the contrast of the bright pink lining inside; it's girlie but not over the top. It's the perfect size for us at the moment, what I take for Sienna has been cut down dramatically and so I feel like my handbag is finally my own again-just about! It has a pocket on either side, a standard zip pocket inside and then just a big pocket as regular handbags do. I feel we have just the right amount of pockets for everything, it's the perfect mom & toddler bag! 
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
In the smaller pocket on the back, I keep a few little toys in to amuse Sienna when we're out and about and some snacks for when she gets hungry. 
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
In the inside zip I keep my Oyster card, any store/club/loyalty cards that I don't use all that often and a bag of Sienna's hair clips and hair bands.. her hair is always in her eyes and I need a good selection to choose from that it still matches with what ever outfit she has on! 
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
 In the larger outside pocket I keep a wet bag, wipes, hand sanitizer, her bib and spare knickers. I also try to remember to chuck in a pair of spare trousers or tights depending on her outfit that day, but to be honest, I mostly forget!
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
The main section is where I keep my bits.. Just my purse with my cards & money in and my essential make-up items in my Sew Lomax 'Mummy's stuff' bag. Concealer, powder and lipgloss is all I carry. to be honest I barely have time to touch those up let alone anything else! Polo's are also a must!
What's in my bag (potty trained toddler edition)
Also in the main section I keep this little Kids first aid kit. I never used to carry one but now Sienna loves to run everywhere, I feel it's essential. This one is fab, it has everything in there you would need for the usual cuts, scrapes and grazes; 
-Alcohol wipes x2, -Creature plasters x9, -5cm conforming bandage, -1 pair Vinyl gloves, -5cmx5cm low adherent dressing, -Triangular bandage, -Microporous tape, -20ml eye wash pod x2.
I do also keep a few sachets of Calpol in there just incase! It surprisingly doesn't weigh that much and isn't too bulky so I find it no problem to carry around with me in my bag and gives me a little bit more piece of mind that I'm prepared if Sienna does get an ouchie! 
What's in your bag?
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