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What is Gun Control?

Posted on the 21 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
 This is part of a little discussion over at Common Gunsense.
Bryan Strawser said...
So a shooting in California and a shooting in Illinois, two states where we have some of the "tougher" gun control laws in the country. What does this say about the effectiveness of gun control? Bryan

my response:
Bryan says what he's heard other pro-gun folks say. Chicago has tough gun control laws and lots of gun crime.  That proves gun control doesn't work.
That is the most unthinking argument you guys have.  But, you keep repeating it and repeating it.
Here's the thing. We DON'T have gun control in the US, period. We do have lots of gun laws, but they are so uninforceable and easily circumvented that the end result is NO GUN CONTROL, or very little anyway.
Use a tiny bit of common sense. On the federal level let's say we have the following rules 1. all gun owners must be licensed. 2. every gun must be registered to a licenced owner. 3. no transfers of guns without a background check. 4. safe storage standards will be enforced. 5. any violation, any accident or negligent discharge results in permanent loss of gun rights.
That would be gun control. And that would work.
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