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What If TOMORROW Never Comes?

By Saintgoody

If tomorrow never comes, will you be glad or sad? Will you be ready to leave the love you have and face God?   But if there’s tomorrow, what will you do today?  Will you still live like yesterday or live like it’s your last day?  Those were the questions that I love to ask to a friend. Why?  Because I’m curious about people’s want, desire in their life, and the choices they’re going to make when another day won’t come.  Aside from that those questions makes them realized their purpose and limitations.
Lots of people worried about so many things that haven’t yet to come (including myself, but not all the time) they forget to remember that their life and troubles will pass away on the right time.  While there are those other people, whose power live on their heads and think they will have it forever.  They believe they own everything, even their own life.  They fail to see, beyond their power lies death.
Worries and death won’t leave us.  It’s part of our life.  But there’s tomorrow, its God’s gift to us.  It’s a promise of a new beginning and a chance to start again with clearer and brighter outlook towards life, and with a bigger faith of yourself and God.  Enjoy today and be wrinkles free.
As the sun set, let’s try to open our heart and mind, forget troubles and cares, and remember there’s tomorrow waiting for us.  Take a deep breath, smile and make a wish.  Have a blessed day to everyone.
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?
What if TOMORROW never comes?

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