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What Colour is Your Hoodie?

By Thecleverpup @TheCleverPup
What Colour is Your Hoodie?
As many of you know, I started bridging classes at the U of T this week. I'm enjoying the energy my prof has to offer although we're still focusing on how to learn history and he hasn't really taught us anything yet. Next Tuesday we have a tour of the big library on campus, Robarts. As a child, my son said it looked like a big rooster. Yes it does.
What Colour is Your Hoodie?
The class is much bigger than I expected - upward of 40 students. I took a quick visual survey of my classmates and I'm the second oldest female, (which also means the second most fabulous!). On my first day of school, a group of hardies were standing on top of a 20 foot pile of snow playing Oh, When the Saints on extremely cold brass instruments in minus 18 degree weather.  It was a very cinematic experience.

What Colour is Your Hoodie?

Looking South from King's College Circle. Photo found on Flicker: Chris Orbz

What Colour is Your Hoodie?

My class is on the main floor behind the third and fourth windows right of the door. It is actually much snowier than this now. Photo found here:

Now I shouldn't bitch, but I probably will, but as I'm trudging through the snow looking like a Terry Gilliam cartoon for Monty Python, I've noticed that out of the 45,000 students rotating to different classes at the campus, 44,999 of them are wearing black. It's like I've been plonked down amid a huge group of pious novitiates, not a campus of open-minded, free-thinking, hard-partying students.
The kids waste money on cell-phone plans and beer - they should waste some cash on a bright winter coat. That is my thought for the day. Now I must catch up on my reading.

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