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Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

By Screwnicolas @screwnicolas

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese method to treat many human ailments since long time. This treatment process is completely different from the modern medical system. It is not about injections and pills. The treatment is done through needles which are inserted into your body at certain points so as to stimulate a specific region in the brain and bring the desired results. It may comprise of some herbal medicines that are to be taken along with the acupuncture treatment but it basically relies on needle treatment. Recently some other forms of acupuncture treatment have come into existence and these are known as laser acupuncture, ear acupuncture, acupressure, etc.

Weight Loss Through Acupuncture

The primary thought on which the acupuncture theory relies on, is that your body has certain life force channels and these forces are called energy meridians. The life forces are called Qi which is pronounced as “chee”. It uses no medicines but just  needles to sting at certain points on your body as the treatment process. The energy meridians are known to be responsible for controlling the body energy so as to bring desired effect on hormonal secretions and activities of the body. There are many health issues that are treated using acupuncture but these days it has been found out that you can even achieve weight loss through acupuncture. Acupuncture is a safe and secure method to lose weight. However, make sure that you get it done by some professional acupuncturist.

Acupuncture that is done in order to lose weight, increases your body metabolism and makes you feel more energetic. It is well known that greater the metabolic rate of your body, more is the rate at which you burn the calories. Thus, your body metabolism plays a vital role in losing weight. At a higher metabolism, your body burns calories even when you are at rest. It also helps in the regulation of certain hormones that play an important role in maintaining your energy and calorie burn process. Some hormones that get affected from it controls your food cravings and helps you eat less amount of calories. One more important fact about this treatment process is that once you find out the reason for the instant rise in weight, you can target that very reason so as to clear the root cause and get a permanent and effective result. It relieves you from stress and depression and makes you feel fresh and energetic. It is well known that stress may lead to weight gain and emotional eating too. Thus making you feel mentally and emotionally well, acupuncture can keep you healthy. You also get assisted in maintaining a proper eating habit.

When knowing the acupuncture weight loss treatment, the total treatment process may consist of about 12 to 16 sessions. The first sessions may be of about 90 minutes and then the rest of the sessions would be of about 60 minutes each. They may call you on several days for the weight loss sessions. They may even ask you to have some herbal medicines after the treatment process.

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