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Weekend in Pictures

By Sweetmabelblog @sweetmabelblog

Photo 26-01-2013 00 18 08

Well what was meant to be a rather tiring and busy weekend, actually turned out to be very nice and relaxing.  I think I have the snow to thank for that.As usual when the UK is hit with a flurry of snow the country grinds to a halt.   We haven’t had much where I am in Manchester, not until Friday night when all as once the streets turned into a Winter wonderland.  However, this resulted in our appointment to view a wedding venue being cancelled and a long, healthy walk that we’d had planned for a while turned in to a much shorter one.  I certainly wasn’t complaining, it just so happened we were on the right route for a delicious lunch and then close enough to home to get back for a blissful afternoon nap.  It was nice to be cosy indoors.

Photo 28-01-2013 21 40 40

Footprints in the snow!

Photo 28-01-2013 21 46 47

A particular highlight this weekend was a midnight walk in the snow, even though I wasn’t impressed at having to get togged up to go out in it.  It was beautiful and we even saw another couple sat at a picnic bench sipping Prosecco underneath an umberella, very sweet.

Photo 26-01-2013 00 18 08

Photo 26-01-2013 00 12 26

I wasn’t totally lazy this weeekend, I did manage to finish and photograph my new stock for the shop.  I’m very pleased with it and hope you like my new range of lovely nic nacs and gifts. 

Here is a sneak peak of what’s to come…….

Photo 27-01-2013 16 29 51

Photo 27-01-2013 16 30 05

Photo 27-01-2013 16 30 52

Photo 27-01-2013 16 30 42

Photo 27-01-2013 15 16 46

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