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WEEKEND ADVENTURE | Rock Climbing at Cantabaco

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
WEEKEND ADVENTURE | Rock Climbing at Cantabaco
Earlier this year, I was invited by a friend on their weekend adventure---Rock Climbing. Who in their right mind, would turn down an invitation like this? Definitely not me. 
WEEKEND ADVENTURE | Rock Climbing at Cantabaco
I'm not familiar with the Rock climbing world, but according to a friend, Cebu houses the best wall for rock climbing in the Philippines. This wall is located in Cantabaco, Cebu. I'm pretty sure most rock climbing enthusiasts are familiar with this. 
WEEKEND ADVENTURE | Rock Climbing at Cantabaco
We had rock climbing 101 when we arrived in the area. They orient us about the basics of rock climbing, the gears, and the grades of the wall. Since we're still newbie at this sport, they accompany us to a wall which is for beginners.
WEEKEND ADVENTURE | Rock Climbing at Cantabaco
I was so proud of myself when I managed to reach the top, on my first climb. Even though I was ready to give up halfway through. It gives me a kind of "high" which I can't explain. All I know is, I want to climb again and again. 
WEEKEND ADVENTURE | Rock Climbing at Cantabaco
We climb 3 different routes that day. Because we enjoyed so much, we didn't notice the time and miss our lunch. Although we could have eaten our lunch in the area, but no one ever considers bringing lunch packs. We had our late lunch though, on our way home.
Rock Climbing Itinerary 6:00AM   - Assembly at South Bus Terminal 7:00AM   - ETD for Lutopan 8:00AM   - ETA Lutopan; proceed to Silangan 8:15AM   - ROCK CLIMBING 12:00NN - Lunch 3:00PM   - pack-up; Depart for Lutopan 3:30PM   - ETD for Cebu City 4:30PM   - Home sweet home
Expenses: 40Php - Mini bus South bus terminal-Lutopan 10Php - Habal-habal Lutopan-Silangan 10Php - Habal-habal Silangan-Lutopan 50Php - Lunch 70Php - V-hire Lutopan-Cebu City 180Php -- TOTAL
***For those who want to try this kind of sports. I talked to my friend, and he said they can guide and lend the gears for only P600/pax. If you have other friends who love to go with you, much better. The bigger the group, the cheaper the price. 

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