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Wednesday's Beauty Tip

By Kellabella @kellabel
I know there's a lot of girls that struggle with using the clamp on a curling iron, you can end up with crimp marks and sometimes its just a pain. It finally took me a year to learn how to use the clamp correctly. But for those of you that would rather not use the clamp, try this out.
A metal curling iron are usually around $30 depending on the brand and a decent curling wand without a clamp is much more expensive. So not only is this easy to do it's a real money saver!
I know the clampless curling irons you would buy look a little different and are skinnier towards the end of the wand. So this is like a knock off, I've don't this to one of my old 3/4" irons and got good results without the clamp.
Wednesday's Beauty Tip
  • A metal curling iron- 3/4" or 1" barrel is best. (use one that you've had for a while)
  • Screwdriver- you can use a regular one or an electric one

STEP 1. Pull off the stand off. It pops out really easy, you don't need a screwdriver.
STEP 2. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws from each side of the curling iron
STEP 3. When you take the screws out the clamp will come off.
STEP 4. Use your screwdriver to remove the spring
Do you guys have a hard time using the clamp on the curling iron and which do you prefer to use, an iron with or without the clamp?
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