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We Like Her Better

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
I was counting grapes for the girls' lunches one evening when my husband rolled his eyes.  The girls are constantly comparing who gets what.  She has more strawberries.  She has more socks.  It's like a competition.
I'm tired of it.
Now when one says, "Sissy has more xyz," I turn around and say, "Why yes she does.  We like her better."
At first they would argue with me saying "You always say you love us both the same."  Now they just look at me, roll their eyes and say, "Whatever."  They then work out the percieved inequity themselves. 
If I cannot get them to stop counting everything then "whatever" is going to be as good as it gets for now.  It's not great, but I'll take it.

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