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Vegan Chicken Salad

By Blemon
Vegan Chicken SaladSo this will be my last post in penance for saying you all should look at leather messenger bags just so someone could get $55. But $55! That's a lot. I don't sell ads on this blog* and I certainly don't make money off of this so I think it's cool that a company likes what I do enough to reward me and the people who read it.
Back to Vegan Chicken Salad -- one of my absolute favorite foods. Like I have written about before, I haven't eaten meat in a long time. I stopped Freshman year of college because dorm food was just making me sick. So I lived on a bizarre diet of pasta and cheese for a few years as I was gradually learning about being more healthy with my food choices -- learning from friends how to cook vegetarian, learning about protein. I've always loved vegetables so that was never an issue. I just grew up eating meat and all of the food I learned how to cook had meat in it so I'm very thankful to a few good friends who kept me from starving. More and more I don't eat meat for a lot of other reasons.
Ok, I'll get on with it... I first had this stuff at Teany and was immediately in love. Whenever we're in Manhattan, I try to get down there for their Chicken Salad Melt to be revived. When my local co-op started carrying this, I was floored. It must be the same stuff. Either way. You have to check it out.
Other vegan things that I love:
Venerable Bean Bakery, my husband's baking company. Everything is vegan and he has also started doing a lot of gluten-free stuff because he was getting so many requests.
Vegan Cheese Ball, a delicious party treat that I invented. Super tasty.
This video is one of the reasons why animal rights are so important to me. Watch the whole thing. It's really amazing. I cry every time I watch it; it's so beautiful.
We had over a week of sickness around here. Z is almost back to normal. She now coughs like she's been smoking only 15 years instead of 60. I'm two days behind her in symptoms so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping to be better soon. Super awesome stuff ahead.
*Yes, there are a few "sponsors" over there. They are friends of mine who offered to donate items for giveaways. I'm giving back with a little link love. Just in case you were wondering.

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