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Vegan Challenge

By Mattie

Today is March 1st!

That means it’s the first day, of my month long challenge to eat vegan.  I have always had some stomach troubles and wondered if I could fix them by changing my diet, however I have never done anything about it. So, when I stumbled upon Amanda Vegan Challenge I really started to consider doing it. I have thought about going vegetarian (never vegan) but always found an excuse not to. I always wondered, “would I be able to do it? How do I deal with all the people eating meat and diary around me? Will I have the willpower to say no?” Well, this month I am going to find! And I am excited about it.

Vegan Challenge

The Challenge runs from March 1 – March 31 and includes a vegan diet consisting of  There are great resources all over the web to help understand more about a vegan lifestyle. I have created a Pinterest board for Vegan eats so I can compile recipes to make throughout the month.

I am an introverted person and keep to myself about a lot of things. I find it really awkward to tell someone I am not going to eat what they are making, so instead I usually eat it. This will be the hardest part of this challenge for me. However, I have already made a step in the right direction. I am going to friends house for dinner tonight and I emailed her early in the week to let her know so she can prepare accordingly. It took a lot for me to gain the gumption to say something to her, but once I did, it was a huge relief and she did not care at all! I had made it into something much bigger than it was. it was a nice friendly reminder that if the people you surround yourself with don’t accept who you are, don’t waste your time on them. Move on!

Vegan Challenge

To prepare for the month, I went to the grocery store to get a couple supplies and it literally took me 30 minutes longer than normal. I could not find anything!!
I finally found the tofu and tempeh in a random corner in the far left of the grocery store.
Turns out they don’t even carry nutritional yeast.

I only got some basic supplies, especially because I have dinner plans tomorrow night and then Friday Vinnie and I are headed up to VT  for the weekend. I bought fruit, quinoa, spinach, and veggies. That will get me through two lunches, breakfast and snacks.

Vegan Challenge

This month should be interesting, fun and challenging. I will do my best to track my experience.

Question: Have you ever done a challenge like this?
How do you deal with telling others about your diet restrictions?

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