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Valentine's Recipe: Three's Company Pie!

By Dreenaburton @dreenaburton
You just knew I would post something chocolatey for Valentine's, didn't you?!  :D
I ran a poll on my fb page for what NEW recipe from LTEV to post.  It was a bit of a tight race, but this Three's Company Pie (aka chocolate, peanut butter, 'n banana pie) had the edge.
Valentine's Recipe: Three's Company Pie!
When I created this pie, I wanted to give you something that didn't use silken tofu or another soy product for a creamy, silky texture.  Not hating on soy (at all - it's part of our diet).  Rather, I wanted the recipe to be accessible for those with soy allergies.  And, for those with peanut allergies, you can make this pie with a nut butter like cashew or almond.
I made this again today, just for you (ohhh my sacrifices), just to get a better photo (Hannah, come back to me!).  Because it is such a glorious tasting and looking pie for not much effort (don't tell anyone that, do the whole bit of dusting cocoa powder on your face and shirt).
Valentine's Recipe: Three's Company Pie!
So, for your sweetie, for yourself, for a friend... this Valentine's Day recipe is now posted.
Valentine's Recipe: Three's Company Pie!For my voting crew, the Circle of Moms contest wraps up on Feb. 14th.  Just a handful of days left to vote (one vote every 24 hrs): link.  What say I trade you a slice of pie for a vote?  That would be bribery.  Hey, works for my kids!  (kiiiidding... that was for you, anonymous)  ;)

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