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As the founder of Empire Music Promotions (www.empiremusicpromotions.com), Ryan has taken his love for music and networking and created something that benefits musicians around the world. Providing press for musicians that he believes in, he regards music promotion as a great privilege to be able to do. Many know Ryan Donnelly for his surreal portrait photography, and he has worked alongside many bands to create images they could use for their albums, tour posters, and social media sites. Constantly striving to reach out to more and more incredible artists, Ryan looks forward to learning even more about social media awareness, networking, and music PR; and of course, in between that he can be found playing guitar, shooting photos, or writing at a local coffee shop.



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    This Site is focused on offering Independent musicians worldwide, informative and entertaining articles involving all things music related.

    For those bands looking for more than the information we offer in our articles, we also offer guaranteed music promotion and web site design packages for out clients.