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  1. blueoctober

    Blue October :

  2. boo_brown

    Does my blog make me look fat? :

  3. bookaholic

    Reflections of a Bookaholic :

  4. bookishkind

    BookishKind Blog :

  5. booksnob

    Book Snob :

  6. Chuck Underwood

    Brand New Vegan :

    Your First Steps to Beginning a Vegan Diet

  7. brisdon

    Shut Up + Run :

  8. Brute Reason

    Brute Reason :

    Brute Reason is a blog about psychology, politics, social justice, and pretty much anything else I feel like writing about.

  9. Bryan Roth

    This Is Why I'm Drunk :

    Beer enthusiast. Homebrewer. Blogger. Find me at or @bryandroth on Twitter

  10. buttercup2k

    I Found It On Netflix.... :

    I watch bad movies and dissect bad movies through the wonderful portal that is Netflix streaming.

  11. caidiva

    Lipstick & Chopsticks :

  12. candacemoody

    @Work: A Career Blog :

  13. canvasgirl

    PYC Awnings :

    Awnings, Window Awnings, Indoor Awnings, Door Awnings, Retractable Awnings for your home. Custom made with Sunbrella fabric these awnings will last for years. 1...

  14. Sakshi Raina

    Capturing Sunshine :

    Blogger, Photographer, Book reader, Nature lover, Traveller.

  15. caroline

    Beauty is a Sleeping Cat :

  16. carolinearnoldtravel

    CarolineArnoldArtandBooks :

    The Intrepid Tourist :

  17. Cathy Leaves

    Cathy Leaves' Cellar Door Blog :

  18. ccc1685

    Scientific Clearing House :

  19. cendrinemedia :

    Cendrine Marrouat is a French-born journalist, reviewer, blogger, content curator, and author who currently resides in Winnipeg, Canada. She is also the...

  20. chaayen

    ForFunk :

  21. chelseajmartin

    Adventures of a Granola Ginger :

    I’m a recent college graduate who loves news, politics, great food, sustainable living, and social media! I have a bachelors degree in political science and...

  22. Adrienne Boswell

    Chic California :

  23. chooksandroots

    Chooks and roots :

    Keen gardener and chicken keeper. Read all the books, watch all the shows, ignore all the advice. Results more luck than judgement. Hate waste, love baking and...

  24. chp

    Center for the History of Psychology :

  25. chrisbrown

    Branding & Marketing :

  26. Chris Noal

    Scouting Outdoor :

  27. cifarshayar

    The Other Side :

    Lamhat (moments) :

  28. clarisays

    Clari Says :

    Watch movies, go on food adventures & BLOG IT ALL!

  29. cleskowitz

    Carrie's Design Musings :

  30. Just For Clocks

    Just for Clocks :

    Navin Kanodia :

    We believe that Clocks can be innovative yet personal. That's why only the most unusual and creative clocks from all over the world find their way to JFC, makin...

  31. Cocorose London

    All About Ballet Pumps :

  32. codetuto

    Codetuto :

  33. Coffee Kaki

    A Malaysian Coffee Blog :

    A Malaysian Coffee Blog

  34. Colorado Beer Girl

    Colorado Beer Girl :

    A Colorado girl who loves beer. Blogging about Colorado beers, breweries, beer & food pairings, restaurants with craft beer, beer events, etc.

  35. connergo

    Here is Havana :

  36. ctbas

    Celebrate the Big and Small :

  37. curlygeek04

    The Book Stop :

  38. danielleabroad

    Danielle Abroad : http://WWW.DANIELLE-ABROAD.COM/

  39. danthatscool

    DanThat'sCool! :

    Pop Culture, Reality TV, Random Cool Stuff & A Hot Mess Or Two.

  40. datecoachtoni

    Dating News and all That :

    Dating news and all that Blog offers commentary and advice on dating news, dating trends, reality dating shows, famous daters and any and all dating related...