• Prairie Artisan Ales is Back at It Again!

    Prairie Artisan Ales Back Again!

    Art work by Prairie Artisan Ales Ya’ll better be ready for another amazing beer from Prairie! You guessed it! It’s another special release, what does that mean... Read more

    Posted on 03 March 2017 LIFESTYLE
  • Img_5768-trim


    This beer blogging​ is one​ hell of a ride! W​ho would have thought that beer would come this far.​ From chugging an ice cold Coors Light aka “Piss Water”... Read more

    Posted on 24 February 2017 LIFESTYLE
  • Birthday Beer

    Birthday Beer

    Here’s some SHIT The Bruery So happens it’s Tuesday Dark brown with a light brown head. Taste is bourbony and chocolaty with an oak smell. Texture is smooth... Read more

    Posted on 11 January 2017 LIFESTYLE
  • 1ef62f2a-7034-4645-a6d7-223de7359a09-1


    I could barely sleep that Friday night before the BA Christmas Bomb release. I snuggled with my dogs, cocooned myself in my comforter, and set my alarm for... Read more

    Posted on 06 December 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Gobble Gobble/ BCBCS Friday

    Gobble Gobble/ BCBCS Friday

    Thanksgiving was more like Craftsgiving! WE ended up hosting the meal at our house this year. The family was amazing… they brought and did everything! I only... Read more

    Posted on 29 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Black Friday BCBS!

    Black Friday BCBS!

    Alright every one knows that there is no shopping for T.V.’s, toys, or appliances for the bearded lady. ONLY BEER! Ya’ll should also know that Goose Island’s... Read more

    Posted on 24 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Untapped Festival 2016

    Untapped Festival 2016

    The Best Fest Untapped out did them selves this year! Most people that were early arrivers either parked or were dropped off at the wrong entrance so we had to... Read more

    Posted on 21 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Legal Draft and Cedar Creek Tap Take Over

    Legal Draft Cedar Creek Take Over

    The Bearded dad and I hit up a local restaurant called Jack Mac’s Swill Grill to take part in a tap take over! This place is a hidden gem full of beer and... Read more

    Posted on 18 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Firestone Walker XIX at Whiskey Cake

    Firestone Walker Whiskey Cake

    Thanks to our awesome waiter from last week, we were given the heads up on a very rare tapping for North Texas Beer Week. What was this rare tapping? It was... Read more

    Posted on 17 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Women of Craft Beer

    Women Craft Beer

    Meet the girls Meg: Vet tech turned beer lover/professional at Green Flash. She involves herself withthe government side of craft beer, as well as the... Read more

    Posted on 16 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Untapped Festival and NTX Beer Week

    Untapped Festival Beer Week

    This will be my third annual Untapped Festival! This festival is every craft beer lover’s fantasy destination. A place to hold their chalice under the... Read more

    Posted on 11 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Back with a Vengeance

    Back with Vengeance

    Back from my hiatus! Initiation was a bottle share at Taps and Caps in Denton. It was put on by the wonderful Great American Brewery tour! Read more

    Posted on 07 November 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Summer Single… IPA

    Summer Single…

    Here’s another Texas bred beer. Good ole Deep Ellum Brewing Company from My city Dallas has made an IPA that goes down easy. From can to koozy to mouth. Read more

    Posted on 23 June 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Summertime Single

    Summertime Single

    There are some pretty good summer beers here in Texas, so I have a series of short and sweet posts to keep you up to date on my favorites. Let’s start out with ... Read more

    Posted on 11 May 2016 LIFESTYLE
  • Spring is in the Air


    Here’s a little story I’d like to tell about a few beers that you might not know so well. It started with a wedding on the grandest scale and then ended in my... Read more

    Posted on 25 April 2016 LIFESTYLE