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  • Back to Nature…

    Fresh air.  A breeze.  Only the trees to keep me company.  Rocking chairs on the porch and the sound of a woodpecker off in the distance.  Ahhh. Read more

    Posted on 22 April 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Extending Grace…

    I think this is the perfect follow-up to the last piece on shame.  I have friends I have not met and sometimes they are looking for a particular quote for... Read more

    Posted on 18 April 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Shame on You…

    So I got told once in a private message.  SHAME on me.  Shame on me.  The problem was, I didn’t feel shame.  She did.  She was projecting her shame or what... Read more

    Posted on 15 April 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Armor of Love–My Messy Beautiful

    Please don’t look at my cuticles. They are jagged and bleeding from being picked apart. Eventually, they start to look better, and when they do, it never... Read more

    Posted on 14 April 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Nowhere…

    On vacation this week.  Working on a post, but wasn’t ready to unveil it until I get back.   If I get internet,  which was the whole point of going away,  I... Read more

    Posted on 07 April 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • I Can’t Turn It Off…

    If there was ever a time I needed to turn off my brain, it would be now.  I saw the signs leading up to it.  They have always been there.  I just THINK too much... Read more

    Posted on 03 April 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • On Being Scorpio…

    Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t so Scorpio. Here are some things about being a Scorpio which I find to be true.Do not try to manipulate a Scorpio. They can smell it ... Read more

    Posted on 30 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Motivational Monday…

    Mondays have never been easy for me.  This might come as a surprise, but that’s actually why I started Motivational Monday last year.  As a teacher, I was alway... Read more

    Posted on 24 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Fog…

    So I suffer from something we like to call brain “fog” and I have for a while.  It happens to be one of the side effects of at least two of my conditions.  For... Read more

    Posted on 21 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Celtic Curse…

    55,000 years ago is difficult to wrap your mind around, but sometime during the Iron Age, the Celtic culture established itself throughout the British Isles. Read more

    Posted on 17 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • The Written Word…

    As an English major, I was taught to look deep into the meaning behind words.  Authors did not come out and say exactly what they meant. Read more

    Posted on 16 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Motivational Monday…

    Sometimes you are given great advice and you have to decide if you are going to let your pride get in the way or if you are going to follow the advice with... Read more

    Posted on 10 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Daring Greatly…

    Last year, I wrote this post called Baggage Claim. If you have not heard of Brené Brown or heard her TED talk, please click that link. Read more

    Posted on 06 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Motivational Monday…

    Today was already Motivational.  I listened to a call from one of my business leaders, and she had some great insight from The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership... Read more

    Posted on 03 March 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Finding Help…

    Winston Churchill once said “If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  I know that on the outside, a person can look perfectly normal.  Together even.  But... Read more

    Posted on 27 February 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Motivational Monday…

    Healing people.  That is my motivation lately.  I made a new page tab on the blog for my new business and things are coming along.  I believe in my research of... Read more

    Posted on 24 February 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Narrow-mindedness…

    nar·row-mind·ed (năr′ō-mīn′dĭd) adj. Lacking tolerance, breadth of view, or sympathy; petty. Read more

    Posted on 21 February 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Motivational Monday…The Love Mindset

    “The greatest potential we have for opening our hearts lies in the opening of our minds.  The heart is simply a bank of emotional potential.  It’s a vastness... Read more

    Posted on 17 February 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Show the Love…

    The Greatest Gift13 Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. Read more

    Posted on 14 February 2014 SELF EXPRESSION
  • Fuzzy…

    You know how you are going along and everything seems to be fine in your life until one day it’s just not.  Well that was last year.  I knew I was getting... Read more

    Posted on 12 February 2014 SELF EXPRESSION