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US And Turkey Supporting ISIS Expansion

Posted on the 15 August 2015 by Calvinthedog

Looks like the US is back to supporting our best friends in ISIS, the group we helped create. Initially the US and its allies supported ISIS. The the US at least turned on ISIS. Now it looks like the US is back supporting ISIS again. The US and Turkey have formed an “ISIS-free Zone” in Northern Syria. The US has vowed to use air power to defend any Syrian “moderate rebels” in the zone. If Syrian jets attack any Syrian rebels in this zone, the US will attack the Syrian forces. The only “moderate rebels” in the zone right now are called ISIS. In fact, about half of the ISIS-free Zone is already controlled by ISIS!

The US does not however supply ISIS. That’s our favorite ally Turkey that does that. Every day, dozens of trucks carrying guns, fighters and supplies cross the Turkish border into ISIS territory. The US does not touch any of these vehicles. These vehicles are coming from the extensive ISIS rear guard formations in Turkey. In other words, Turkey is the supply zone for ISIS. Of course, the US will not dare to touch ISIS’ rearguard area. So while the US does not support ISIS, it completely supports Turkey’s extensive ISIS rear guard ISIS supply zone and it does nothing to stop ISIS supplies from flooding across the border. In the meantime, we attack ISIS inside Syria. So the US is both supporting and attacking ISIS at the same time, which is completely insane, but US foreign policy has always been crazed and sociopathic.

The group  that the US does support and supply is Al Qaeda. The US gives a large amount of supplies to some fake “moderate rebels” in Syria. But there are maybe 50 moderate rebels in all of Syria. So really we are just supplying regular Islamist jihadis instead of Al Qaeda jihadis. However most if not all of the US supplies to the fake moderate rebels end up going directly do Al Qaeda. Really there are two factions among the Syrian rebels right now.


Al Qaeda (Al Nusra)

A few unaffiliated groups

There are some rebel groups that are not ISIS or Al Qaeda, but almost all such “moderate rebels” are fighting under Al Qaeda leadership. So when you give guns to “moderate rebels,” almost all of them are fighting under Al Qaeda command.

Bottom line is that while the US is not supplying ISIS, we are supporting and supplying Al Qaeda to the hilt in Syria.

In Syria, Al Qaeda is America’s best friend.

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America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda. America supports Al Qaeda.

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