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By Survivingana @survivingana

unmasking ourselves

We all wear masks, particularly out of our comfort zones. We hide who we really are, pretend to

be something we are not – just to fit in, to be seen as not different. Many of us have more than one mask – we spend so much time shuffling our masks for our different situations. For those of us with mental health illnesses the masking becomes a normal part of life. We try to hide so much. We don’t want people to guess our secret. We don’t want to look ‘odd man’ out. It takes courage to unmask. It takes trust to unmask. We need to feel safe with those around us and in situations before we let that mask down. Below is a lovely post from another beautiful person I have met on this journey. She writes it simply and clearly. I can see myself in much of post and some of my daughter. Her blog url is at the end.

I wear masks. A lot of them. Unmasked, I am a totally different person. Few see/know me this way.

Unmasked, that smiley, sweet person is depressed.

Unmasked, that person who is on top of things will spend all day depressed in bed.

Unmasked, that person who is very healthy struggles still with the remains of an eating disorder.

Unmasked, that person who is confident in class hates herself.

Unmasked, that person who delights in life’s little things has a soul that screams at existence.

Unmasked, that person who is full of life feels dead inside.

Unmasked, that person who gives forth the best possible is never satisfied with her best.

Unmasked… there is a lot more than most people know/want to know.

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