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Unexpected Pregnancy

By Newsanchormom

Unexpected PregnancyThis story was sent down on NBC today. The fact that the woman didn't know she was pregnant and the doctors didn't figure it out is amazing enough. However, I looked at the video and the hospital let the television crew in to get video of the woman and her baby. The baby is on a regular size hospital bed with blankets all around him-in another room by himself. If you have ever had a baby in the U.S, you know none of this would ever happen. I can't imagine a hospital being in a situation where a lawsuit will likely be filed and letting a television crew in the building. And who was watching the baby? Thankfully the baby seems to be fine. What a blessing after thinking you had a tumor or something else seriously wrong with you!
FROM NBC: A 41-year-old Romanian woman was diagnosed with an abdominal tumor, and when that proved untrue, was diagnosed with kidney stones. But as she waited at the hospital, she discovered neither diagnosis was close.
After an ultrasound, doctors said she had kidney stones and she was waiting for the next step when she collapsed and gave birth to a 12-pound baby. The newborn baby boy has three brothers at home. the baby is in stable condition.
Doctors said they had no idea she was in labor, and the tests did not reveal the pregnancy. The hospital is investigating how they could have gone so wrong with the diagnosis.

-NewsAnchorMom Jen


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